Identity V MOD 1.0.892516 (Unlimited Money)
Identity V MOD 1.0.892516 (Unlimited Money)

Identity V MOD 1.0.892516 (Unlimited Money)

By thiendi01 - August 31, 2022
Name Identity V
Version 1.0.892516
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 4GB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Games, Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher NetEase Games
Genre ,
Update August 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Identity V MOD is a role-playing game from NetEase Games. In the game, you will play as one of the different characters, you can choose to become the master hunter or the hunted, each character in the game has its own form, personality and ability. 

Introducing Identity V MOD

Identity V Apk
Introducing Identity V MOD

Identity V MOD uses a 1v4 style of gameplay that has been encountered in many horror games before such as: Monster Killer Pro, Special Forces Group 3, Shadow Knight,

The uniqueness in the game is that you have to give up. from a deadly thing that was chasing me right behind. And to escape you need to do a lot of things, and at the same time rich in this game:

Discover mysterious machines to unlock the way

Make choices so that your audience can follow in a new direction.

  • All the tasks you will perform with the rest. However, the barbarity here is that you do not know in the team of 5 that you are a member, who is the evil one hunting and who is preying.
  • If you’re a hunter: the only target, unlike the other four, is to kill the whole bunch in the fastest time. 
  • If you are a hunted person, the norm is to survive and find the truth of the murderer. The horror comes from blurry things, not knowing which ones are real and which are fake, not from the demonic jumpscare they often encounter. That is also really the quintessence that brings Identity V into the line of heartbreaking horror games.


Identity V MOD begins with a main character, who is reading a poem. It’s about a man who’s lost a daughter, and the person who wrote the letter is desperately asking you to find out information about this pitiful case.

The dreaded game begins when you choose to accept, and head to the area in the mail, which has been an abandoned house for nearly 10 years. The haunting gothic atmosphere of the opening appears. 

You noticed that it seemed like the area was just me, well it didn’t seem like it was…

Having trotted out “launch the javelin, we must follow the javelin”, we will receive many instructions and requests along the way to find the clues of the little girl. Based on that, the initial flow of events, step by step, many things seem more and more difficult and dangerous than you think. Somewhere it seemed like a terrible secret was lurking deep behind.


Identity V Apk
  • Identity V MOD seems to be a case-solving detective game. Slowly, however, the terrifying substance of death was revealed at first. We’ll find ourselves thrown into a formidable jumble, seemingly the victim of some monstrous ritual. 
  • In each scene, I will become a hunter or a survivor. If you are a hunter, you will be a murderer waiting to kill all the survivors in the game. 
  • On the contrary, if you are a survivor, you are forced to find a lot of ways to escape the hunt of the hunter. Each effect has its own industry. 
  • By enlisting the unique capacity of each object, we will use our own skillful guessing and puzzles to avoid the immediate danger.

Visible but invisible fear

Each survivor will be given a variety of survival items such as medical bags, drinks, and a few other things — but there are no defensive weapons. The milestone is that you need to identify a way to escape from this scary forest.

And if we choose to play hunter, it’s different. We will be immortalized during a phase of starting power generation in the forest to prevent them from fleeing. Hunter also has its own industry, each hunter is different so you can trace the footprints of the survivors. 

Every murderer has advantages that just hearing about it has fallen off his limbs, heard the sound of his feet, rushed like crazy just a split second to be next to you.

Image and sound

Identity V MOD success has dozens of visual contributions. The gothic image style is ghostly clear with black, gray, red and white tones and the image strokes look neat but still full of doodles. 

Identity V Apk
Image and sound

Build the image of objects that are all puppets with all human shapes and distinct appearances. As expected, the whole thing is just a game of nature, even if you are the winner in the end. 

The background music is dark and gloomy, the sound of pounding footsteps is clearer than the moon in the dark night, the rustling of leaves when someone is looking for a solution approaching you, the sound of the subject’s breathing… In general. is more than enough to give you goosebumps and the hairs on the back of your neck.


Who can be incarnated in Identity V MOD

The good thing about Identity V MOD is that there are not only two factions of hunter or survivor, but you also get to choose a lot of objects to play. “Doctor football, cowboy kingsman, princess kid, gardener huffman,…” Anyone can, regardless of being chased or being chased.

Many spooky scenes from the hit movie like Call of Cthulhu, Dead Silence, Year of the ladybug are also present in the game, making you even more scared now.

Having mentioned the scene, the object must always speak the sound. Not timid, ghostly, intimidating high school like other horror games, Identity V MOD is creepy because of their specific sound effects. 

Why is Identity V MOD scary?

The bottom line, Identity V MOD is creepy because you don’t know who is really the hunter, or clearly what is chasing you. Therefore, from beginning to end, the continuous chases that occur will take you from one level of horror to another level of horror. 

Download Identity V MOD for Android

Slightly Identity V MOD, you will get goosebumps from episode to episode, building object images that are too quality, too harmful, the environment is terrible, the music without lyrics is annoying. heart. Click download now at LMHMOD

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