ICEY Mod APK 1.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Overview information
Version 1.1.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 30MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Role Playing
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Publisher X.D. Network

Transformed into superheroes in ICEY. You will become one of the super robots born with the mission of protecting the world. In the world, there is a so-called apocalypse. When this day comes, everyone as well as all creatures will vanish. A black hole will crash into the earth with nothing to survive. The main character of this game is an extremely personal female character. You will not be able to perform the missions or activities on your own. It was necessary to do things as directed by the mysterious voice. As a robot, you will need to control the character to move at high speed, use fast and flexible moves. Defeat the enemies and move forward as far as possible. The gameplay is quite simple with the main actions such as: Swipe up, swipe down, left, right, etc….

Download ICEY Mod – Control the robots to protect the world

ICEY Mod carries on its mission to protect the survival of the world. Transformed into super-robots with extraordinary power. With a system of more than 50 different robot characters. Players can freely choose the robots they love. Each character will have its own characteristics and skills. Try to find out and get very clear with the information of each robot. As if you could not only control them easily. But when faced with them, it is also easier to cope. Don’t forget to upgrade and lock the robot girls’ skills. Equip our girls with armor sets. She will help you to destroy the enemy. Winning back you will receive extremely valuable gifts.

ICEY mod

Character system

There are quite a few characters for you to choose from. Whatever the character choice, you still have to move in the direction the instructor teaches. If you move in the opposite direction or go in the wrong direction, you will have to get terrifying consequences. Each stage will be a separate adventure journey to new lands. You will discover many interesting and interesting things. Each battle screen will have a challenge, a boss. The final bosses will always be the bosses with great strength and the most difficult to overcome. You can accept sacrifices in each battle to be able to learn the information of that boss. Then find a way to beat it. Turn on the secret for you that the boss will eventually have a lot of money and valuable gifts.

game ICEY mod


ICEY has a quite diverse door system. With many different levels for players to unleash choose from. When you first enter the game you will not encounter too many difficulties and do not face too many obstacles. The bosses at the first level were still quite weak. Control your female robot using skills of slashing, kicking, punching, etc. … Or modern weapons such as machine guns, electric guns, bombs, etc. … can defeat all enemies. However, when it comes to higher levels, this absolutely will not happen anymore. The bosses will eventually increase their strength and defense. So you need to upgrade and improve your robots to be able to defeat them more easily.

Graphics and sound

To bring players the most authentic and practical experience. Then the game publisher has focused and invested in the image quality and graphics quality of the game. Very realistic simulation of a super robot image. Fight and destroy hordes of monsters. Especially not to mention the effects of destroying the enemy, the effect of using extremely magical skills. The sound of gunshots, the sound of shells falling, etc … is an inspiration for players to feel more excited and excited when playing games. In addition, the sound of the game is also quite quality. It brings kaji to the player to relax, relieves stress effectively.

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Mod feature of ICEY

  • Unlimited Money

We cannot deny what ICEY gives players because it is really great. Although players want to experience it, they need to spend money to buy it. But really what the player gets is completely worth the money that he spent. Control beautiful super robots to destroy all evil people who are plotting to destroy the world. Download now ICEY Mod transforms into robots to fight and destroy all enemies.

ICEY Mod APK 1.1.1 (Unlimited Money)
Mod: Lots of money to spend



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