Hunt Royale Mod APK 1.4.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money, God mode)
Hunt Royale Mod APK 1.4.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money, God mode)

Hunt Royale Mod APK 1.4.7 (Menu, Unlimited Money, God mode)

By CBCC - May 25, 2022
Name Hunt Royale
Version 1.4.7
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, God Mode
Size 168MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher BoomBit Games
Update May 25, 2022 (3 months ago )
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Hunt Royale Mod is an action game provided by BoomBit Games. With an exciting fighting style, players will enter a fantasy world with bright colors. Here you will become a beast hunter, participating in dangerous battles. Together with your teammates overcome all challenges and win. Although the game has only been on the market for a short time. But has received more than 500 thousand downloads and received thousands of positive feedback. Besides, players will enjoy moments of relaxation and unforgettable comfort. Not only interesting gameplay but also a lot of great things are waiting for you.

Download Hunt Royale Mod – Become a Monster Hunter

The gameplay of Hunt Royale Mod is quite simple, you will transform into a hunter. Use special weapons on hand, and join your teammates in exciting battles. Your enemies are monsters, they are not just a few. Instead, there was an army in huge numbers. However, they do not gather in one location for you and your teammates to destroy. Which are scattered throughout the locations on the map. For example, falling animals, dinosaurs, birds, etc. will appear when they detect you. Then you will not know where they come from, but drag a whole herd to attack. Or a giant dragon will appear in the corner of the map. So you need to have a strategy with your teammates, to destroy all of them.Game Hunt Royale Mod

Interesting gameplay

Hunt Royale Mod provides players with 4 exciting modes. With PVE nature, you and your teammates will join the fight. Along with that, there is dramatic competition between them, because everyone wants to be at the top of the rankings. Besides, each mode will have different mission requirements. To quickly complete a task, your team needs to split up to do it. Because just anyone on the team meets the conditions of the system given. Then your team will win and receive many attractive rewards. You will then continue to step into the next level, at which point the difficulty will gradually increase.Hunt Royale Mod APK

Classic mode

For the classic model, the player will join the battle to hunt down monsters for a certain time. Here you will have to search for monsters and destroy them. Each monster killed, your score will increase. During the hunt, you will encounter powerful monsters. If you defeat them, the score will increase faster. So hunt down as many monsters as you can. After the time is over, whoever gets the higher score will be the winner. Besides, Hunt Royale Mod will have beasts beyond your ability. To avoid losing your life, you should not attack them. Because if you are unfortunate enough to die, you will not have a chance to win.Hunt Royale Mod

Exciting mode độ

In the Co-op mode of the game Hunt Royale Mod. You will join another player in the battle. Here the two will have to stand shoulder to shoulder, to overcome the challenge. Next is the Boss Hunter mode, entering the boss hunt with 4 players. Here the boss is the boss of the monsters, possessing extraordinary strength. With high damage attack, and strong defensive ability. Then you and your teammates, need to work together. To defeat them and end the dramatic boss hunt. As for the bonus mode, where up to 10 hunters gather to enter the match. This is a mode that is loved by many gamers, because of the dramatic competitive gameplay. Here you need to find ways to survive and kill monsters to earn money.Download Hunt Royale Mod

Character system

Hunt Royale Mod provides players with more than 30 diverse characters. Like vampire hunter, spider queen, angel, voodoo, phantom,… and many more hunters waiting for you to discover. Each hunter has his own unique power, along with unique fighting abilities. Besides, players can upgrade their character’s strength. By using the existing money to upgrade, will increase the combat ability and high damage. Not stopping there, every time the character reaches levels 6, 8, and 10, new combat skills will be unlocked.Hunt Royale Mod

Money in Hunt Royale Mod is a very important factor to help you make transactions. So when downloading the Mod version of the game, players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, you can unleash all the different powerful characters. And upgrade the maximum power index for each character, helping them increase their fighting ability. Besides, Hunt Royale Mod is designed with Lego-style graphics. Bright picture quality and a variety of monsters, so you won’t get bored while playing. Combined with lively sound, along with fun background music creates more excitement when participating.

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