Hundred Soul APK 3.95.0
Hundred Soul APK 3.95.0

Hundred Soul APK 3.95.0

By BQH - January 4, 2022
Name Hundred Soul
Version 3.75.0
Size 141MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher HOUND 13
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Hundred Soul takes players to a land haunted by demons, known as hell on earth. Because the dark forces have invaded the whole, there are monsters everywhere. They are carrying out an evil plot, wanting to annex and dominate the whole earth. Human life is shrinking day by day. Join the gameplay, you will transform into a talented hero, possessing outstanding strength. Get ready to engage in a brutal life-and-death battle, destroying monstrous demons. Get justice for the beautiful and free land. Enemies are extremely strong, large, aggressive. So be very careful, if you don’t want to be crushed by them. Be equipped with modern weapons, sturdy armor. Gives more confidence when facing the enemy. Create reasonable tactics, smart fighting style. Take advantage of every attacking opportunity, knocking down monsters within seconds. Practice regularly to control the hero masterfully, at will. And improve reflexes, sharp thinking, and clever handling of unexpected events. The gameplay has a unique fighting style, many attractive features. It will definitely bring moments of entertainment and relaxation when experienced.

Download Hundred Soul Mod – Fight to purge monsters that have completely disappeared from the human world

Hundred Soul Mod has an endless map for you to explore. Each level is a different location, difficulty level, and danger. After killing all required monsters will be transferred to a new level. Players use virtual keys on the screen to move the character flexibly. And launch attacks to attack the enemy. The controller design is simple, the lowest level of optimization. Helps you get acquainted quickly and fully enjoy the space in the gameplay. In particular, players can control 2 heroes at the same time, improving combat efficiency. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to get huge bonuses. Feel free to spend on other things. Along the way, collect precious items. They are powerful tools to help you complete tasks smoothly and quickly. And help defeat the terrible boss. Gameplay owns a variety of game modes such as Dungeon clones, PvP matches with online players, PvE, guilds, etc… Each type will bring a different thrill and fear. but equally interesting.

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Players cannot defeat enemies with their own strength alone. Therefore, the gameplay will provide modern, highly destructive weapons such as Swords, bows, spears, hammers, etc. All are designed to resemble reality to help players feel like real combat. . Choose for yourself the best quality weapons that you love. Besides, you will be provided with additional items such as Armor, hats, shoes, medicine, etc. These are things that help improve survivability. Avoid extreme weather and enemy damage.

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Various missions

Countless interesting missions are waiting for you to conquer in Hundred Soul Mod. In addition to the main job of killing monsters, the system will give you side challenges such as Collecting items, searching for treasures, participating in PvP matches, etc. Each mission brings excitement. endless, helping players not feel bored. After completing, the system automatically upgrades the strength, improving the basic stats of the character’s body. At the same time, the valuable rewards will be yours.

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Character Unlock

Hundred Soul Mod owns a diverse character system, many different professions. Typically such as Gladiators, gunners, swordsmen, archers, magicians, etc. Each one has its own strengths and fighting skills for you to explore. Conquer difficult copies to help warriors maximize their strength. In particular, players can customize the skin color and costume for the character. To be different, unique, stand out in every moment. And stimulating the fighting spirit is always high.

Impressive graphics

To show the fierce, epic atmosphere in each battle. The publisher specially built Hundred Soul Mod on 3D graphics. With a 360-degree viewing angle, players can admire the entire branches in the gameplay. Clear images, smooth character movements, bright colors. Contributing to making the space more lively and magnificent. Unique character shaping, majestic appearance, boundless power inside. Show the majesty of legendary heroes. The diverse, heroic sound combined with stimulating background music. Surely players will have the best experience moments.

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You are looking for a new feeling in fighting games. Hundred Soul is the brightest and most correct choice. With fierce slashing style, many attractive features. Players will be caught up in the fast-paced battle. Gameplay owns a meaningful plot, quality graphics. Helping you have the most authentic, rewarding, exciting adventure. Download Hundred Soul Mod the journey to conquer monsters, complete the great mission.

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