House Flipper Mod APK 1.102 (Unlimited Money)
House Flipper Mod APK 1.102 (Unlimited Money)

House Flipper Mod APK 1.102 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 20, 2022
Name House Flipper: Home Design & Simulator Games
Version 1.102
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 223MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher PlayWay SA
Update January 20, 2022 (4 days ago )

House Flipper Mod turns you into a talented designer. Here, you have the task of building and designing the rooms in the house. Through actions, your creativity creates a beautiful home. At the same time can make money, by buying, selling, exchanging, and redecorating the rooms. Use hundreds of different pieces of furniture, provided by the developer PlayWay SA. Design and decorate each room in turn. To complete the task of completing the dream house. This is a simulation game, with extensive gameplay. You are free to make your own design actions. As well as choosing the desired interior items for decoration.

Download House Flipper Mod – Become a Home Designer and Renovator

Come to House Flipper Mod to experience the feeling of becoming a real home repairman. A realistic simulation space in the house with messy furniture. Along with the equipment, the walls have aged over time. A series of tasks of a craftsman is waiting for you to explore. Repair and redecorate everything like new, then resell it will make you a lot of money. Also, have the opportunity to meet the characters in the game. And fun animals, gifted in the performing arts. The actions of the animals will be shown through the house cleaning tasks.Game House Flipper Mod

Lots of houses to renovate

House Flipper Mod provides you with a lot of different works. From the renovation and repair of the museum by Giuseppe Clavier, an art specialist. Until the renovation of the degraded, dilapidated houses of the poor. Over time, each house was renovated and designed in turn. You will have the opportunity to explore many large, modern houses, located in many different locations. From the deserted suburbs to the downtown areas. Complete the task of a craftsman in the best way. You will receive bonuses, will gradually become a rich boss. It is possible to build a home repair company of your own.House Flipper Mod

A series of tasks to perform

In each room of the house at House Flipper Mod, there will be many different furniture items. Each room will have its own unique furniture. However, each room was not neat and clean. So you need to clean up, fix everything. Use a mop to clean stains on walls, floors, or anywhere in every room. Buy cement to repair broken walls. Re-pave the floor with floral tiles so that they become uniform. Rearrange objects to their original positions. Then you will start decorating, by buying more missing items. Then you will create a spacious, modern house. With clean, airy rooms.Dowload House Flipper Mod

Upgrade working tools

In the process of redesigning the houses of House Flipper Mod. Working tools are one of the factors that help you perform the task. Paint buckets, brushes, paints, cement, and trowels are the tools you use to get to work. Therefore, when upgrading tools will help you work more efficiently. As well as speeding up work, it is possible to complete home repair tasks quickly. From there you will earn a lot of money. Moved to new buildings, large houses, in many different locations. This will help you make huge profits. Gradually, he will become a rich owner in the home repair business.

More than 500 furniture

The game offers more than 500 pieces of furniture for you to explore. You can freely choose to design the rooms of the house. Some typical furniture such as tables and chairs, vases, cleaning brushes, paint cans, wall stickers, … and many more. However, each item in House Flipper Mod requires money to unlock. Depending on the object, the color, the price to unlock is also different. You can use the money earned from previous missions. Buy new items to decorate and redesign the rooms. From there will complete the task and earn a lot of money.Tai House Flipper Mod

House Flipper Mod is used 3D graphics. The objects and spaces in the rooms are reproduced very realistically. From the living room, bedroom, to bathroom. Everything is depicted in great detail, giving you a very unique experience. Combine with fun music tunes, mixed with action as you perform. Create a feeling of more excitement and not get bored over time. Along with that is an interesting intuitive control mechanism. Use a third-person perspective, making it easy to see. As well as being able to perform any action at will.

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