Hotel Elevator Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Hotel Elevator Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Hotel Elevator Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - October 16, 2021
Name Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 84MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Skytec Games, Inc.
Update October 16, 2021 (1 week ago )

Hotel Elevator Mod is a simulation game, inspired by the work of a hotel assistant. With fun and exciting gameplay through the work of an assistant. You will play the role of an employee at a hotel. With the job of assisting resort guests to move to their accommodation floor. Your work position at the elevator. Every day will have to be constantly on duty here to bring the guests moving to the floor they want. This is a hotel elevator simulation game of the publisher Skytec Games. With a lot of activities related to the work of elevator staff. You will develop your career from the position of a doorman. Support customers, as well as help them feel welcome when they come to the hotel where they work.

Download Hotel Elevator Mod – Simulate the working process of the Elevator Gatekeeper

Every day, the hotel where you work welcomes a lot of guests to the resort. With the job of a hotel concierge of Hotel Elevator Mod. It will be your responsibility to get the guests to their correct floor. Every day there are many customers taking the elevator. Meanwhile, the hotel only has a single ladder. So you need to manage the appropriate time to pick up passengers on different floors. Help them not have to wait long, as well as convenient for their work. Observe the number on each person’s head, that is the number of floors they want to go to. Then arrange the pick-up at each different floor to suit for taking them to the desired floor. Each task after completion. You will get a bonus. Time to finish early, the bonus you get will be more.Download Hotel Elevator Mod

Lots of different visitors

The hotel you work for is very famous and known by many people. Not only people but also many other components. Therefore, every day, the hotel in Hotel Elevator Mod welcomes many guests from all over the world. Including couples, citizens, successful businessmen, gangsters. There is even the appearance of ghosts and demons. They all come here with the desire to enjoy a dream vacation. The staff in the hotel often have to work full time on weekends. Especially your guiding work. Will have to meet a lot of guests. Sometimes, you will be startled by the appearance of scary guests. For example, after the elevator door opens, a ghost or demon enters. Make you scared by scary appearance.Hotel Elevator Mod

Resort activities to make visitors satisfied

In the hotel of Hotel Elevator Mod, there are many resort activities. Helping visitors come here to relax when they can sunbathe, go for a walk. Join the entertaining games or enjoy the vacation with fun activities. Each activity that takes place will leave memorable memories for visitors. With the enthusiasm of a guide. Please help them feel satisfied with the service quality of the hotel. At the same time, quickly repair the problems that may occur during their vacation. Make every visitor come back to want to come back again. Remember, the better the hotel service, the better. That means you do a good job guarding your elevator. Will make customers feel happy when served well. From there, you will get more bonuses for each mission.Tai Hotel Elevator Mod

Some random accident

Besides taking and picking up guests by elevator at Hotel Elevator Mod. Sometimes, the hotel will have some random accident, which takes place on a certain floor. Causing the visitors to become chaotic and lose their temper. As a waiter yourself, you must ensure the safety of all guests inside the hotel. Handle emergency situations to overcome unexpected accidents. Quickly pick up rescuers on other floors to come to the rescue. Help the visitors of the floor that are in an accident to be safe. For example, there is a floor that is on fire. You need to quickly pick up the firemen on the other floor. Let them put out the burning fire. Help the visitors on the floor where the fire has occurred to be safe. There are many other unexpected situations that arise throughout the course of your career.Game Hotel Elevator Mod

Hotel Elevator Mod has a lot of quests for you to explore. Each task is a challenge for a sewing elevator worker. After completing the mission, you will continue to the new mission. At the same time, the system will expand more floors. Make your work more, the scope of work is larger. In parallel with the increasing difficulty, the reward you receive will also be more. Finishing excellently will earn you a lot of bonuses.

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