Horizon Chase Mod APK 2.1.1 (Menu, Unlocked IAP, skins)
Horizon Chase Mod APK 2.1.1 (Menu, Unlocked IAP, skins)

Horizon Chase Mod APK 2.1.1 (Menu, Unlocked IAP, skins)

By CBCC - December 2, 2021
Name Horizon Chase
Version 2.1.1
MOD Features Menu, Unlocked IAP, skins
Size 445MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Aquiris Game Studio S.A
Update December 2, 2021 (1 day ago )

Horizon Chase Mod is an entertaining racing game, built in a classic style. Inspired by racing cars during the 80s and 90s of the last century. Bringing a great racing experience for all speed lovers, mixing the classic. Not only the gameplay, but also the environment, the track, and the cars. Everything is designed in the classic arcade-style. The bends, each lap are challenges that you need to overcome. Especially racing cars driven by other players. Those are the opponents that will compete directly with you on dramatic races. Press the mount and accelerate to let the racing car reach its maximum speed on the road. Enjoy unlimited fun of the classic speed game.

Download Horizon Chase Mod – Classic Car Races In Various Environments

Race Horizon Chase Mod is designed with real-time gameplay. Every race that takes place, you compete with other racing cars. With the number of laps specified in each race. Your task is to complete enough laps, surpassing other opponents. At the same time proceed to the finish line with the leading position in the list of racers. From there will win and receive attractive rewards. Besides racing and competing with racers. You also have another task to perform during the race. It’s collecting tokens and fuel. They are designed as coins with different symbols and colors. Will appear on the race tracks that you will pass. Blue symbol of token, yellow symbol of the fuel tank. Collect as many as you can, because they will be used for many things later.Horizon Chase Mod

Style play

In every classic speed race of Horizon Chase Mod, there will be no car destruction scenes. Or the collision will not lead to an unfortunate accident. Instead, when colliding with other racing cars or roadside dividers. The speed of the racing car will be reduced. It can even come to a complete stop if a strong impact causes the car to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Therefore, you need to constantly improve your driving skills. To overcome all opponents on the road, and at the same time limit the collisions that will occur. Besides, racing cars with high speed always find a way to overcome the opponent. The skills of a professional racer are not on straight tracks. Which will be shown through dangerous turns. Taking advantage of the terrain from the bends, you can overtake your opponent or outrun the racing cars behind.Game Horizon Chase Mod

Use fuel tank to accelerate

Horizon Chase Mod also allows players to use fuel tanks to accelerate for a certain amount of time. This is a form of energy used to accelerate racing cars. As soon as you use it, the speed of the car will increase significantly. If you know how to use the fuel tank in necessary situations. You can outrun your opponent quickly. For example, when colliding with another race car or hitting a roadside divider. The speed will be reduced, at this time, quickly use the fuel tank to accelerate. Help the vehicle speed increase quickly, ensuring not to be overtaken by other opponents. Or when going into bends. Racing cars are easy to lose control of, especially on sharp turns. Using fuel to accelerate not only helps racing cars reach high speeds. It can also move precisely on the road.Tai Horizon Chase Mod

Harsh racing environment

Coming to Horizon Chase Mod, you will be able to participate in races around the world. Explore many different maps in famous locations. Along with the harsh racing environment, taking place on many racing maps. In particular, weather conditions are the main factor affecting the racing process. Face the races under the snow, heavy rain, volcanic ash. Or even a race in the middle of an extremely dangerous sandstorm. Or watch the sunset, on the beautiful racetracks. Along with the environment, day and night are played out very vividly. Gives you the feeling of becoming a real racer.Download Horizon Chase Mod

Horizon Chase Mod’s graphics are designed in 16-bit format. With a classic style, but still keeping the modern gameplay. Colors and images are depicted very carefully. Along with the lively atmosphere that takes place in the races. Combined with the unique styling of racing cars, with a variety of supercars in different colors. Along with that, the sound quality is used according to the soundtrack. With attractive and seductive music melodies of musicians. Mixed with the moving sound of racing cars, with a flexible tempo.

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