Homesteads Mod APK 30000603 (Unlimited Money)
Homesteads Mod APK 30000603 (Unlimited Money)

Homesteads Mod APK 30000603 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - June 29, 2022
Name Homesteads
Version 30000603
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 155MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Enixan Limited
Genre ,
Update June 29, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Homesteads Mod is provided by the publisher Enix Limited. This is a simulation game, bringing players to a very interesting experience. Join the game you will transform into the owner of a town, with the task of building and developing this place to grow. Besides, you also have to undertake many managerial positions and perform many different jobs. For players to easily access and download for free on the Google Play application. Since its appearance on the game market up to now, the game has attracted a lot of players to participate. Besides, the Mod with unlimited money will help you have the most engaging experience.

Download Homesteads Mod – Build And Develop A Town With The West

The scene takes place in the wilderness West, where the road is dangerous, despite the advantage of the majestic natural scenery. But to survive and thrive here is very difficult. In the valley among those high mountains, there is a small town with people who have lived there for generations. They live in happiness, with no looting wars or power struggles. However, this place is still very unspoiled and not really developed, and people’s lives are still difficult. So when you join the Homesteads Mod, you will become the owner of the town and build and develop it.

Tai Homesteads Mod

Set up a travel path

Stepping into the Homesteads Mod you will have to do a variety of tasks to grow your town. First, build roads to make places for people to move around. By dividing the appropriate and convenient routes to help people move more easily. Then develop the town’s agriculture, which will be a difficult problem because you will have to choose which lands to cultivate. Choosing the pieces of land on the side of the mountain will be a huge advantage because this is a place close to the water source and you can use it for irrigation. In addition, the player must also cultivate food crops and have optimal harvesting methods. Along with that is raising animals and cattle to provide a source of nutritious food for the people in the town.

Dowload Homesteads mod

Industrial construction

After the steady development of agriculture, the player can expand the model to a larger model, by building huge industrial zones. Industry can bring huge profits over time and can feed a whole town. However, to develop the industry stably and grow stronger, you will have to have perseverance and take a lot of time. By building factories, creating items of value. Besides that, in Homesteads Mod you need to pay attention to the living issues of the people in the town. This is a very important factor in helping the town’s ecosystem to increase. So you should build schools, houses, shops, hospitals, entertainment areas, …

Homesteads Mod

Army establishment

During the development of the town, players will encounter many difficulties and challenges. Not stopping there in the Homesteads Mod, the theft and exploitation problem will appear when the town is on the rise. So you need to set up an army, build a defense to prevent smuggling, and keep the town safe. Besides, Homesteads Mod gives you a lot of valuable resources. To find them, players need to communicate and make friends with everyone around them. From there, listen to their stories and exploit valuable information about undiscovered resources.

Game Homesteads Mod

Commodity Exchange

You are a town owner, in parallel with that you will have to be responsible and consider the quality of life of the people. Besides, Hack Homesteads allows players to exchange goods and develop commercial areas. Even when your town can create quality wealth, it can be exported and imported for high profits. However, sometimes you will have to be the one to resolve the conflict. Because when the town develops and goes up, it will lead to competition from many forces, now you are the deceiver for that competition. Also during the construction process you will be accumulated points, the more points your town will have the chance to grow faster.

When you download the Mod version of the Homesteads game, players will experience an infinite amount of money. Then you can unleash shopping and unlock buildings, to build a bigger and more developed town. Besides, you will experience impressive 3D graphics. Along with the image quality is elaborated meticulously, giving players a sense of closeness. A vivid interface with bright colors creates an attractive scene. Combining sound quality is shown through gentle music, creating even more excitement for players.

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