Download Hola free VPN proxy chrome MOD APK 1.183.956 (Premium Unlocked)
Download Hola free VPN proxy chrome MOD APK 1.183.956 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Hola free VPN proxy chrome MOD APK 1.183.956 (Premium Unlocked)

By Cris - August 9, 2022
Name Hola VPN
Version 1.183.956
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 54M
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Apps, Tools
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Hola VPN Ltd
Genre ,
Update August 9, 2022 (4 days ago )
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 As for the Internet, not all content can be accessed by you. There will be services that are restricted, or blocked by geography. At this point, what you need is a VPN connection to be able to access these websites. Hola VPN application will give you unlimited access to services and websites that you could not access before. 

  Now you can freely watch your favorite movies. Or freely access unlimited services on the internet without any obstacles. Sounds very convenient, right? To learn more about Hola VPN, follow our review below!

Hola VPN’s outstanding features

To see how cool this app is, let’s explore the great features it has to offer!

Boost VPN Connection Speed

​​This app has very smart data usage. Easily optimize your internet connection. What’s more refreshing than enjoying a stable connection speed, isn’t it!

Hide your IP to avoid tracking, phishing

To be sure to get you out of the sites of online phishing attacks. Hola VPN allows users to enable it right on their mobile device. At this point, the security features in the app will automatically hide your IP address. Your online service experience is now completely anonymous and extremely private. No hacker can know and track your activities on the internet.

Unblock Services and Websites

When you download and turn on the Hola VPN application, it means you can freely access foreign services and streams. Or online sites that were previously restricted or blocked. In particular, turning on a VPN is also an important first step if you want to click on hidden sites. This is where the hidden things of the online world are revealed that no one else has ever seen.

Hola VPN Highlights

Access any online service you want

Whenever you turn it on, it will actively run on your mobile devices. Immediately after that is the automatic activation of a trusted VPN connection to the online world. So you can easily access websites and online services on your phone already.

Allowing connection to many VPN servers

Hola VPN allows users to connect to many different servers on the system. That’s why it brings an optimal and most convenient solution for Android users. No matter where you are. The system still gives you easy access.

Hola VPN ensures absolute safety

Thanks to super-secure algorithms, this tool will prevent you from being the target of online scams and attacks from hackers. Hola VPN is committed to the absolute safety of users when accessing the internet.

Simple, accessible

interface Using Hola VPN, you can easily connect to online services with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Enable, activate and connect VPN with one-touch (one-touch) for any IP location. Now enjoy a smooth browsing experience with the Hola VPN app!

Minimize mobile data usage

If you have to use the Internet but are outside, usually you have to use 3G/4G mobile data, right? For now, you just need to enable Hola VPN’s VPN services, which will allow you to minimize mobile data usage. Thanks to that, you were able to connect and fully use all utilities on the internet.

Hola VPN makes the data you collect more secure

You must understand that certain data will be collected during use by the application. These are mainly to improve your in-app (in-app) experience. Or for future updates. However, you also need not worry because Hola VPN has a strict policy on the handling of collected data.

FAQs – Some frequently asked questions when using Hola VPN Mod Apk

This application is being used quite a lot nowadays. However, for some new users, they still have many doubts about this application.

Hola VPN is a free or paid app?

The answer is that the application is free, but there will be limited users. It provides you with a convenience of unlimited traffic, with extremely fast connection speeds. The app is also very user-friendly and usable for all devices.

Does this application have any requirements or not?


First, make sure your Internet connection is strong and stable. Because when enabled, the VPN service will slow down your Internet a bit.

Next, like most Android apps, Hola VPN will ask you to provide certain permissions. So you need to accept the access requests if you want to unlock this app with full features.

How to use the Hola VPN app?

To take home the Hola VPN app, you just need to visit our website. Then download the app for your device. Once installed, open the app and follow the instructions to connect easily to Hola VPN.

Above are the details of a free VPN service. However, you should use a paid plan to get the full range of features that the software has to offer. If you want to use the full features of VPN without “in-app purchase”, you just need to download Hola VPN Mod APK on lmhMod. Here provides a multitude of features that are unlocked and completely free for users. Try to experience the best utilities of this application right now!

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