Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod APK 2.2.7 (Unlimited Money)
Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod APK 2.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod APK 2.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - November 6, 2021
Name Hobo Life: Business Simulator
Version 2.2.7
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 69MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Academy IT Ltd.
Update November 6, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod is a simulation game, provided by Academy IT Ltd. With idle gameplay, you just need to tap on the screen to do everything. The game revolves around your story, from hired jobs to self-employment to develop yourself. At first, you are a homeless person, wandering the city and without a penny. With the desire to become a billionaire, have a position in society, and live a rich life. For that sea of ​​dreams to come true, you need to do everything to earn money, develop yourself, change your own destiny.

Download Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod – Change Your Own Destiny

In the early stages of Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod, you are a beggar. With ragged clothes on his body, he didn’t have a penny in his hand. Without a private house to live in, you can only temporarily stay in a tent next to the landfill. The food is also not very good, can only eat crumbs to live. To become a rich person, you need to do many different jobs. Starting from the cleaning job, gradually you will do new jobs to increase your income. If you want to get rich quick, you can join the casino and play the stock market. If you are lucky, you will earn a lot of money.Download Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod

Pass graduation to start a business

If you want to become a rich businessman, first you need a degree. At Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod you need to graduate from college to start high-paying jobs. Using the money earned during poverty, you can start a business. Grow your business, your income will increase and your life will improve.

Choose a favorite industry to do business

Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod has many different professions for you to choose from. Once you reach the entrepreneur level, you can start your own business. Choose a job you love, that will keep you motivated to grow and work. At the same time, the business will continue to grow. Then you will earn huge profits and own a lot of valuable assets. In particular, professions are inspired by reality. Gives you easy access and the opportunity to try different jobs.download Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod

Meeting the need to improve health and well-being

In the process of playing Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod, the character’s life needs to be improved. Monitoring your health and emotions is something you need to do regularly. Follow the character’s requirements such as eating and drinking to keep health and emotions in good shape. The latter, the demand for the character will increase. At first, it was just a glass of water and a piece of bread. As life improves, you need to satisfy more delicious foods. Like hot dogs, hamburgers, and juices.

Lots of apartments

Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod provides players with a lot of different apartments. Including campsites, studio houses, mid-range apartments, suburban houses, … and many more apartments waiting for you to explore. However, you cannot choose freely but only use it in turn. At the same time, each apartment has a different price. The more luxurious the apartment, the more money you need to spend to buy it.hobo Life Business Simulator Mod

Various means of transport

In addition to high-end apartments, Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod also owns a lot of vehicles. However, it is similar to apartments, you can only unlock them one by one. The game has a lot of interesting vehicles, uniquely designed. For example Second-Hand Bicycle, Neighbor’s Old Car, Hybrid cars, 90’s Car, etc., and many more. Their prices will be gradually increased, and you can only use them for a certain time.

Join Casino and play stock chứng

Casino and stock exchange in Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod are places where you can earn a lot of money. However, it also has a high level of risk, if you are lucky you will earn a huge profit. For casinos, you just need to put coins in the corresponding boxes. Calculate carefully, choose your favorite number and wait for the result. Besides, the stock will help your fortune to be doubled if you win. Keep track of previous transactions, put an amount of money you want, if you win, you can become an instant billionaire.Tai Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod

Coming to Hobo Life Business Simulator Mod you will experience your own development process. From a beggar, wandering on the street to a businessman, with status in society. Especially in the early stages, you face a lot of difficulties, because there is nothing in your hand. But when you become rich, you will feel a beautiful life with valuable items. Live in a luxury house and ride a luxury car. At the same time, you will experience a lot of different jobs. Work hard to develop yourself and change your destiny.

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