High School Gang APK 1.0.6
High School Gang APK 1.0.6

High School Gang APK 1.0.6

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name High School Gang
Version 1.0.6
Size 20MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Italic Games
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Join the action game of the game provider Italic Games. Players will transform into a student in the game High School Gang Mod. With the context built in a large school. This is where school violence happens. You will be the one to bring peace to the school. The game is a combination of action and role-playing. Use a third-person view from the back. Help players can observe everything going on around. As well as observing the details of each character’s movements. Combine realistic 3D graphics. Recreate the learning environment with realistic landscapes. Along with a simple control mechanism, using virtual keys. Allows you to control the character, perform actions easily. That will bring the feeling of becoming a real student.

Download High School Gang Mod – Prevent School Violence In Schools

School violence cases take place in most schools. Inspired by that, High School Gang Mod opens up a high school setting. With violent incidents of students taking place often. Here, the high school is run by a criminal group, called Punk. The members of the group are all isolated, naughty students. Specializes in causing trouble and bullying everyone in the school. Causing other students who normally go to school to suffer bullying. Join the game, you will play the role of a student. The mission is to bring peace to the school. Stop fighting and violence among students. At the same time stop the criminals in the Punk group. Restore the order of the school, help the students have the best environment.High School Gang Mod

Diverse missions, with interesting situations

The mission system of High School Gang Mod is very diverse. You will have to fight to stop the individual students. Attack the gangs in the school, defeat all the members of the group. Each mission takes place in a different location, with different situations. Use the direction arrow to move to the desired location. Then you will have to perform your task. For example, move in the direction of the arrow to the area outside the schoolyard. The situation takes place between an isolated student who is bullying his schoolmate. At this point, you will have to attack the individual student’s name to protect your classmates. Defeat him with punch attacks or weapons. Causes the health to be depleted, from which you will complete the mission. Then will continue to move in the direction indicated by the arrow. Take the next missions with more interesting situations.Download High School Gang Mod

Teasing the teacher, immersed in a love story

In the process of restoring order to the school at High School Gang Mod. You can become an exceptional student. Through some actions such as teasing teachers, hitting classmates in school. That word can make other students scared every time you appear. However, this will make you not get respect from people. In addition, you can become a normal student like any other student. By participating in-class sessions. Learn the knowledge taught by the teacher. Improve your skills and education to achieve excellent students. More than that, it is possible to immerse in a love story with another classmate. Or simply wander around, exploring the campus areas.Game High School Gang Mod

Use weapons, use energy drinks

As a student in High School Gang Mod. You can perform a lot of different actions. For example in the situation of attacking others. Can attack with bare fists. Or use some weapons such as boxing gloves, spikes, baseball bats. Each weapon has its own fighting style. That means the damage done to the opponent is not the same. When accurately impacting the target will cause them to lose health. Weapons can be obtained after completing missions and receiving rewards. In addition to using weapons to increase the character’s fighting power. You can use more energy drinks to improve your health. From there you can attack more effectively. Especially in some situations where you have to fight with two people at the same time.Tai High School Gang Mod

Based on realistic 3D graphics. Along with the gameplay is designed to be open. High School Gang Mod will take you into a large space. With the surrounding scene being reproduced very realistically. Flexible character movement matching. Shown through the opponent’s attacks. Or when moving on the road, or similar actions. More specifically, from a third-person perspective, you can observe the details of each character’s movements. Along with that, the sound quality is also very impressive. The sound is made from the blows. Or the screams of others when attacked.

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