Hide Online Mod APK 4.9.0 (Menu, Ammo, Immortality)
Hide Online Mod APK 4.9.0 (Menu, Ammo, Immortality)

Hide Online Mod APK 4.9.0 (Menu, Ammo, Immortality)

By CBCC - December 19, 2021
Name Hide Online - Hunters vs Props
Version 4.9.0
MOD Features Menu, Ammo, Immortality
Size 50MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher HitRock Games
Update December 19, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Hide Online Mod is an action game developed by HitRock Games. Inspired by folk games of hiding and seek, combined with an attractive shooting style. Players will have an unforgettable experience. Besides, the gameplay gives you moments of relaxation and entertainment after a long day of hard work. Although the gameplay is quite simple, it has received the attention of many people. Particularly on the Google Play application of the Android operating system. The game has attracted more than 50 million downloads and received more than 50,000 positive feedbacks.

Download Hide Online Mod – Action Style Hide-and-Seek Game

Not like the usual hide and seek game. You will join with others to find safe places to hide. Instead, Hide Online Mod takes you to scary and scary levels. Sometimes you will even be startled by the noise from the enemy. At the beginning of the game, you will join with 7 to participate in a game screen. Here the system will randomly divide into 2 different teams. However, it is not simply a team of hiding and seeks teams. After dividing the team, the search team will be able to use the gun as an attack tool. Then they will be allowed to destroy all those who are hiding.Hide Online Mod

Search team

For the hideout team, it’s not just about finding a safe place or a hard-to-detect location. Hide Online Mod has designed a completely new style. Here the evaders will have special abilities. That is being able to turn yourself into something, helping to hide easily even in front of the enemy’s eyes. For example, turning into a box, table, chair, wardrobe, or even bathroom furniture. However, you should note, the team that escaped will not be allowed to attack again. So if you play the hider, make a smart decision. By looking somewhere it’s hard for the enemy to detect. Or any position that can deceive the enemy’s attention.Game Hide Online Mod

Hide well

Each level in Hide Online Mod takes place within 3 minutes. After the end, if the search team destroys all the fugitives, it will win. Or the team that hides and is able to survive and not let the enemy completely destroy, will become the winner. In addition, during the game, you can not only transform once and standstill. Instead, the game allows you to freely transform and move to many different locations. That will make it easier for you to survive the search of the enemy. Because in the process of hiding, the expression will appear, making the enemy quickly detect and destroy. So you need to observe closely, move quickly and transform continuously to make the enemy unnoticed.Download Hide Online Mod

Weapon system

Hide Online Mod has only been released to the game market for a short time. Therefore, the weapon system is still not diverse and there are many types for you to own. Along with that, the current gameplay has only one map. Over time, in the long run, it will make players quickly bored and uninterested. After a while of experience, you will feel the game like an action movie. The search team becomes the hunter and the hiding team seems to be prey for them to hunt. Remember, no matter what role you play, you must try to do it well. Because after winning, you will receive the corresponding bonus. Then you can buy many valuable items.Tai Hide Online Mod

In Hide Online Mod money is a very important factor because it helps you shop and unlocks many things. So when downloading the Mod version on our site. Players will experience the exciting feature of unlimited money and unlimited ammo. Using that money you can unlock some of your favorite guns. Or the unlimited ammo feature, which will help you unleash bullets everywhere without fear of running out. That will help you quickly win. Besides, Hide Online Mod is designed with 3D graphics. The image quality is carefully refined. You can see through the objects in the map that are created quite realistically. Combined with the sound quality, expressed through the gunfire is very realistic.

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