Heroes of the Dark Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlocked)
Heroes of the Dark Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlocked)

Heroes of the Dark Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - October 13, 2021
Name Heroes of the Dark
Version 1.1.2
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 96MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Update October 13, 2021 (5 days ago )

Heroes of the Dark Mod belongs to the role-playing game genre, designed with strategic gameplay. Set in the Victorian era, a dark age of the world. Here, you are exposed to the grim mysteries of a terrifying world. Wars broke out and the moon was destroyed. Darkness covers the whole world. With the last glimmer of hope left, the heroes stood together. For the purpose of restoring the world. Engage in battles with the forces of darkness who prevent you from fulfilling that wish. The game is a perfect combination of strategy elements and the ultimate RPG battle. A series of battles are waiting for you ahead. Lead the heroes to defeat the enemy to fulfill one last wish. Build a powerful kingdom in the Victorian empire.

Download Heroes of the Dark Mod – Alliance War To Restore Order Of The World

In the context of an Earth ravaged by war. Along with the night covered by the moon was destroyed. An alliance between humans, vampires, and werewolves was born. As heroes, they will conquer challenging battles. With the goal of restoring the order of the world. In addition, armies from all over the world emerged. They unite together to become a powerful fighting force. Join the game, you are the leader of the army and the heroes fight with dark physical strength. Gather a squad of 5 heroes. Fight fearsome enemies, fight dangerous bosses. Defeat them to win, continue to enter new battles. Conquer each challenge, in turn, to restore order to the world.Game Heroes of the Dark Mod

Stories of each race

Each race in Heroes of the Dark Mod has its own story. As well as possessing various abilities, with outstanding combat power. The vampire race is always looking for its own interests. The werewolves are losing their leader and have not found a replacement. They are looking for a new king who will lead the werewolf race to rule the world. Besides, after historical events, the moon was destroyed. The people who are lucky to survive are looking to build a kingdom of their own. Here, each race has a different goal. But they all have a common goal, which is to destroy the dark forces to restore order in the world. Through dramatic battles, the power of each race will be fully revealed.Heroes of the Dark Mod

Collect crystal shards

Coming to Heroes of the Dark Mod you assemble a team of heroes. Including different races in the battle formation such as vampires, werewolves, humans. Harness the full power of each hero in dramatic battles. Win against enemies to collect crystal shards. Collect enough pieces to match the moon crystal member. You will control the heart of Tenebris, a power that can change destiny. From there, you can expand your own empire. Because the strength of Tenebris is the key to building a strong empire.Heroes of the Dark Mod

Kingdom Building

Build an ancient kingdom in Heroes of the Dark Mod. A quest that you need to do to gather heroes. As the habitat of the races. Help humans, werewolves, and vampires to be closer and live in peace. Besides, you can choose allies to develop. Let’s build a great kingdom together. At the same time protect the kingdom from invading enemies. They can start a war at any time. Assemble a team of defensive heroes, always ready for battle.

Online game mode

Come to Heroes of the Dark Mod’s online game mode. You can participate in 5vs5 battles with other players. Harness the full power of heroes, combined with an effective strategy. Deals powerful devastating attacks on enemy formations. Defeat their army completely to win. At the same time receive countless rewards and valuable loot. Besides, you can cooperate with allies. Fight together in alliance battles. Defeat all enemies to rise to the top.Download Heroes of the Dark Mod

Upgrading heroes will help the squad fight stronger. Equipping the items that Heroes of the Dark Mod provides will help heroes increase their fighting ability. With 6 types of items for you to equip such as weapons, hats, leg guards, rings, necklaces, and costumes. Each item after equipping the hero will increase the power stat. Fully equip the heroes in turn. Will help them be able to fight in fierce battles. As well as easily defeating the enemy thanks to its superior combat ability.

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