Hero Shooter Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Gold)
Hero Shooter Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Gold)

Hero Shooter Mod APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited Gold)

By CBCC - May 8, 2022
Name Hero Shooter
Version 1.2.0
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Size 137MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Fungoodgames
Update May 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago )

Hero Shooter Mod is the perfect combination of shooting and overcoming. Similar to other shooting action game genres. You role-play as a character in the game, here will transform into a hero. Equipped with a gun as a combat weapon. Will have to participate in intense battles in the levels. Conquer tough challenges. Confront a lot of different enemies. Along with that, is provided with a lot of interesting features. Discover more than 50 types of power buffs. Collect a lot of loot and equipment. Find unique combat weapons. Along with that, experience vivid 3D graphics. Violent bullet effects in competitions. Promises to bring an engaging shooting adventure.

Download Hero Shooter Mod – Shooting To Kill The Criminals In The City

The overtaking gameplay of Hero Shooter Mod takes place in each level. Enter the battle in a level play. Set on a straight street in the city. Appeared armed criminals. Play as a hero armed with a gun. You will have to destroy all enemies. From there it is possible to complete the mission, keep moving forward. Then step through the space portal to the next level. The difficulty also gradually increases, every time a new battle is started. Not only the number of enemies appearing more than before. And their fighting ability is also superior. Know how to coordinate tactically to attack. Make it difficult for you to win. Especially when you reach a certain level, you will have to confront the boss.Game Hero Shooter Mod

Gameplay in battle, boss confrontation

During the battle in Hero Shooter Mod’s game levels. The hero will automatically use the gun to fire. Attack criminals within a certain range. You just need to navigate the move to change the position. On the enemy side, they attack in different styles. Through the weapon used, melee or ranged attacks are possible. Long-range combat criminals, before attacking will show bullet lines. You can go through that to avoid and limit blood loss. Pass each level in turn, will face the boss at a certain level. Normally, the boss will appear after you pass 9 levels competing with minions. For example, levels 10, 20, 30, etc. Boss not only has superior strength. But also possesses a lot of blood many times larger than the minions.Tai Hero Shooter Mod

More than 50 kinds of power

Through each level of play, you will receive new powers. Hero Shooter Mod owns more than 50 different types for you to strengthen your hero. On some levels, after killing all enemies to enter the portal. Before that, you will have 3 different power choices. One type can be selected to improve the hero’s fighting ability. For example, increase the damage per bullet fired. Increase the number of bullets in one shot. Or increase the firing range of the gun. There are many other powers that will be discovered by you when participating. At the same time, sometimes there is a chance to meet NPC characters. They usually appear before entering the battle with the boss. Through interaction, you will be restored to full health or receive special powers from them.Download Hero Shooter Mod

Weapons and equipment

Guns are not the only weapons you can use in Hero Shooter Mod. The game offers a diverse weapon system. Besides guns like shotguns, shotguns, etc. You can also change the hero’s attack style. By equipping darts or boomerangs. Through the battle will get a lot of weapons. At the same time collect many different types of equipment. Can be used to increase the hero’s strength. Includes pants, shirt, shoes, ring, and watch. Each type of equipment has its own stats. For example, costumes will increase defense, rings will increase health. Or similar to weapons, shoes increase damage stats. Not only that, but equipping items also helps heroes change their appearance.Hero Shooter Mod

Gold coins and purple diamonds are the two main currencies in Hero Shooter Mod. Through battles, after the enemy is destroyed, they will drop gold coins. But you can only collect when you kill all enemies on a level. Purple diamonds have a higher value. Often difficult to collect, because they are very rare. Completing the required tasks, you will have a chance to get a lot of gold coins and purple diamonds. The gold coins can then be used for many different activities. For example, upgrading equipment to increase power stats. That will improve the hero’s fighting ability.

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