Hellopet House Mod APK 3.8.1 (Unlimited Money)
Hellopet House Mod APK 3.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

Hellopet House Mod APK 3.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

By CMB - March 11, 2022
Name Hellopet House
Version 3.8.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 160MB
Requires Android 6.0+
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Appxplore (iCandy)
Update March 11, 2022 (3 months ago )

A game genre that has two parallel missions is rare and unique. At Hellopet House you can both decorate your home and take care of a variety of cute pets. Players will transform into lovely and kind hostesses. She always works hard to clean, decorate the house and adopt many poor abandoned animals. Everything in the house is handmade by you. For example: Repairing and redecorating the rooms, cleaning, preparing pet food, etc. At first, the house was very old and dilapidated. Let’s start designing and renovating them to become more beautiful and splendid. There are many objects of different styles in the interior collection. Choose according to your preferences and arrange accordingly. Turn an old house into a beautiful and eye-catching one. In addition, there are many pets that need you to take care of. They are quite diverse in types such as Dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, etc… Feed on time and pet and play with them. You should renovate the garden and swimming pool to take advantage of all the space. Because the number of pets does not stop there, it will increase a lot compared to the original.

Download Hellopet House Mod – Live happily with your pet in your house

In Hellopet House Mod everything from inside to outside the house is taken care of by you. Once inside, the player will become a good housewife. Doing things like cooking, cleaning, or decorating, etc. But to renovate around the house requires a lot of work and necessary materials. Therefore, you will have to become a carpenter to cut wood or a hard-working gardener, etc. These things, although small, contribute greatly to the decoration of your house to become more beautiful. First, clear all the rubble inside the rooms. Replace with new and more beautiful items. Repair broken things to complete the house. Improve your garden by using a weed cutter and planting more trees. Clean the tank to raise more fish. Buy more decorative items or craft your own to make everything more beautiful and attractive. Take good care of pets to make the house more bustling and serve the purpose of relaxation.

Hellopet House mod

Renovate the house

At first, the house looked extremely old and almost collapsed. Your task is to rebuild them so that they are more beautiful and comfortable. Let’s start the renovation from the living room, then move on to the next places. With an extremely rich interior collection system. You can freely choose to suit your style. Such as Classical, modern, or a splendid palace, etc. In addition, the exterior of the house is also essential. It shows a neat and beautiful appearance. Cut the weeds and vines from the walls and paint them all over to make them cleaner. Of course, the main color is also up to you to decide.

Hellopet House mod apk

Taking care of pets

There are many cute animals appearing in the game. One of your main tasks is to take good care of them. It is not only an animal but also our companion on every journey. So please take good care of it. It also needs to be timed properly. For example, waking up, eating, walking, bathing, etc. also has a certain amount of time for us to complete. Make sure to time it is the most reasonable way because if you can’t complete it in a day, you will not be considered an excellent task completion. Only at an average level, of course, the bonus will also be much less.

Hellopet House mod

Unlock the houses

There are countless other villas in the city that you need to make renovations to. To do this you need to collect the keys. From completing the daily quests, every five times the player excels will receive a key corresponding to the house. Then start over again from scratch. If you make them more attractive, customers will rent them and you will make huge money. More specifically, players can build each house in a different style to make the city more colorful.

Hellopet House mod apk

This is a game that is very suitable for those who are both passionate about designing and taking care of pets. Renovate the house from a ruin and clutter to splendor and spaciousness. It is wonderful to look back at the results after a tiring day of work. Give players a feeling of fun and excitement. Download Hellopet House Mod to become a talented interior designer, creating beautiful and comfortable homes. Make your pets your best friends.

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