HAWK Mod APK 38.1.28249 (Menu, Multi Damage/Defense)
HAWK Mod APK 38.1.28249 (Menu, Multi Damage/Defense)

HAWK Mod APK 38.1.28249 (Menu, Multi Damage/Defense)

By thetoan - March 22, 2022
Version 38.1.28249
MOD Features Menu, Multi Damage/Defense
Size 74M
Requires Android 4.4
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher My.com B.V.
Update March 22, 2022 (2 months ago )

You will return to your childhood again in HAWK Mod. It is a new generation fly shooter with many improvements and upgrades in terms of graphics and gameplay. If you remember legendary games like Chicken Invaders then you’re probably eager to play it again. Control your spaceship against cosmic enemies, including giant Bosses. There are hundreds of such levels to fight. And you can enjoy changing many different ships, upgrading ships, or co-op with friends to add more fun. The fly shooting wars are now more beautiful but still retain the characteristics of the old games. Just touch the screen to drive the train and enjoy the colorful battle on the vertical screen of your phone. Are you ready?

Download HAWK Mod – Epic battles in space

You will never be bored when playing HAWK, I would like to affirm that. Actually, I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I don’t see anything to criticize. That’s why this game has reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play, an achievement that is not too surprising. There are many people saying that it is a parody of the classic fly shooting games. Part right, part wrong. To be more precise, it is inspired by the classic gameplay, and redesigned to provide a more immersive and realistic experience. With the increasing demand for gaming, do gamers want to return to a low-graphics game like before? So the improvement of HAWK is too reasonable. The gameplay is still the same, but it’s better now, so what’s better?


Lots of exciting modes and campaigns

The mode is a new point of HAWK compared to the classic games. It includes the campaign with over 190 levels to battle, and other modes like Arcade, Team-up and Assault. Each mode will have its own highlight, but the gameplay is almost the same. Your mission is to use your spaceship to fight and drive out enemies in space. They came to Earth and brought with them a mighty fleet to invade and destroy it. Of course, you cannot rest from this aggression. Choose your ship and weapon, then bring them into the space battleground, touch to control the ship and finish every level with victory. Actions in the game only include taps and swipes. But in front of crowded enemies, you need to dodge bullets from them and attack effectively to destroy all enemies.

Let’s talk a little bit about the modes. Arcade and Assault modes are not much different, but the enemies in each mode will have their own characteristics. Bosses will be quite cool with huge appearance, enemies are always crowded to shoot bullets at you. Meanwhile, the same thing happens in Team-up mode. However, at this time, you are alone and have friends by your side. One ship at a time to execute the attack plan to eliminate all enemies from the territory. With this mode, you can invite close friends or randomly pair up with many other online players.


Modern models of aircraft and weapons

This is also the second highlight that makes HAWK Mod different from old games. It brings you a series of spaceships with a unique appearance and powerful potential. You will start playing with a default ship type, but later, when you have a lot of money, you can freely shop to alternate between many different ships. Besides ships, there are dozens of modern weapons. You can even upgrade ships and weapons to increase attack and defense over time. Upgrading is quite important, as enemies get stronger with each level.

But how to have money to buy an upgrade? Of course, you will need to play a lot to accumulate. Play the levels and win to get bonuses, also, completing daily tasks will give you more money. But in general, you will have to accumulate quite a long time to have enough shopping because the train is quite expensive. But this will be a great motivation for you to “plow” the game every day.


Impressive 3D graphics

HAWK is designed with amazing 3D graphics. It depicts the models of spaceships vividly, each type of ship is a type of battle, so the performance effect is also different. The appearance of the ship is off the table, it is extremely diverse and colorful. If you gather many ships in each battle, you will see a truly epic feast in the sky. Ships and bullets flew from above and from below, intermingling. The sound is catchy and the touch to steer the train is also very smooth.

In general, anyone who loves fly shooting games should try HAWK Mod. It takes you into a new war where modern spaceships will show their power in the sky. Play alone or co-op with friends and make your way through challenging campaigns. Ready to start it right on your phone?

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