HAJWALH LINE Mod APK 1.3.88 (Unlimited Money)
HAJWALH LINE Mod APK 1.3.88 (Unlimited Money)

HAJWALH LINE Mod APK 1.3.88 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - October 30, 2021
Version 1.3.88
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 59MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher hamza ahmad alheet
Update October 30, 2021 (1 month ago )

HAJWALH LINE Mod brings players into dramatic races. Roleplay as a professional car racer. Your duty to drive on the vast roads. Compete directly with other racing cars in a real-time racing. Or you can conquer the harsh races alone. Here, the game offers a lot of attractive features. Gives you the feeling of becoming a real racer. The car control system is simple, the interface is optimally designed. The racing environment is recreated extremely realistic. A series of missions take place in many different game levels. Along with diverse game modes, attractive rewards. Especially the extremely unique racing car system, which can be customized and upgraded according to your own style.

Download HAJWALH LINE Mod – Car Racing In Many Realistic 3D Maps

The gameplay of the HAJWALH LINE Mod is played in real-time. In each race, you control the car on wide roads. Cleverly dodge the obstacles ahead. Traffic signs, objects appearing on the track, and other traffic. Conquer the harsh roads to reach the finish line in the shortest time. From there, you will win and achieve excellent results. There is a chance to get a lot of bonuses. Each race in the game does not have a fixed race track. On a large racing map, you can freely drive anywhere. Explore every nook and cranny of the racing environment. Enjoy the real driving feeling on many different roads. But do not forget your task, which is to reach the finish line within the time allowed.HAJWALH LINE Mod

Perform various skills

During each race of HAJWALH LINE Mod. Players can control cars to perform many different skills. In which, it is impossible not to mention the skill of Drift car. Combining the accelerator and the brake, you can perform Drift skills on any road. On straight roads, the car can even rotate 360 ​​degrees. Moreover, the drift skill also helps you to hold the corner easily. Can get through sharp turns without slowing down. However, mastering the drift skill will take some time. Through car, races to improve and enhance abilities. Besides, the wooden panels are designed to face upwards. They appear at different locations in each race. You can drive at high speed. Then rush directly onto the wooden board to help the racing car fly into the air, for a certain amount of time.Download HAJWALH LINE Mod

Upgrade and customize racing cars

Upgrading and customizing racing cars is a very important factor, helping you to go further in the next races. At HAJWALH LINE Mod you can design your own style racing car. There are many parts and accessories for you to replace and equip your racing car. Changed the front bumper of the car to increase the dynamics. Changed the bonnet, retrofitted the rear bumper. That not only helps the car’s appearance look sportier. It also increases performance in the next races. Moreover, you can change the color of the racing car. Select one of the paint colors provided by the system. Design your racing car with a paint color of your choice.Tai HAJWALH LINE Mod

Maps, environment, and weather

The map in HAJWALH LINE Mod is inspired by many different locations. Typical such as deserts, harbors, in cities, etc. Each map is reproduced extremely realistically. With sharp 3D graphics, the scenes and surroundings are very realistic. From the track to the transition effect every time the car moves anywhere. Not stopping there, you can choose the day and night environment. Along with sunny, rainy weather, before entering the race. However, the environment in each race is not the same, there will be its own challenges. For example city track, with night environment, same rainy weather. Will make you encounter a lot of difficulties during racing. Due to limited visibility, coupled with inclement weather, it was difficult to see the road.Game HAJWALH LINE Mod

HAJWALH LINE Mod offers a lot of unique game modes. You can challenge yourself in drift mode. Master the racing car with the ultimate drift. Free game mode will help you explore many maps. Enjoy the real driving experience. Or participate in races with opponents. Compete with AI-driven racing cars. From there, you can improve your driving skills, as well as gain more experience. Or connect to the internet to compete directly with online players. Show off your racing skills to outrun them in real-time races. Win against opponents with excellent achievements.

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