Gunspell Mod APK 1.6.653 (Unlimited Money)
Gunspell Mod APK 1.6.653 (Unlimited Money)

Gunspell Mod APK 1.6.653 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Gunspell - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Version 1.6.653
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 89MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher AKPublish pty ltd
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Gunspell Mod opens an adventure to protect the world. The gameplay takes place in a match-3 puzzle style. The game is a perfect combination of role-playing, puzzle, and action RPG. With battles according to the game’s story. This is a free game by AKPublish pty ltd. Played in offline mode, along with many unique features. You will discover new places in the adventure. Fight with various enemies, terrifying monsters, even demons. It is possible to equip many types of weapons in a fight. It is even possible to combine guns, swords, or magic to attack enemies. Adventure a fantasy world, set in a dungeon. Along with puzzle items in the wars designed in the form of gems.

Download Gunspell Mod – Fight Monsters in Match-3 Puzzle Levels

The story of Gunspell Mod unfolds in a futuristic fantasy world. The appearance of monsters in space changed everything. Realize how dangerous, maybe even doom, if things continue. The World Government has established a secret force, the Order. This is a special organization, tasked with stopping the invasion of monsters. Protect the world from destruction, as well as help humanity gets rid of scary monsters. Here, you are one of the members of the Order organization. Tasked with fighting monsters to protect the world.Gunspell Mod

Gameplay, puzzle items

The battles in Gunspell Mod are match-3 puzzle style. Similar to other puzzle games, the gameplay is turn-based. Go through puzzles in a circle. With the appearance of stones of various colors. Along with symbols such as skulls, medals, and lucky flowers. Match 3 or more similar items vertically or diagonally. From there, you can perform combat skills. Each item type has a unique ability. The skull icon helps you perform skills to attack the enemy. Gems, medals will help you heal or mana. Depends on each turn, as well as the appearance of items. You can solve puzzles to fight in your own style.Download Gunspell Mod

Limited time per turn, smart puzzle

During the battles with monsters in Gunspell Mod. Each puzzle turn will take place for a limited time. You need to be careful because after the time runs out if you can’t solve the puzzle, you will lose your turn. This will create conditions for monsters to attack, possibly causing you to lose. Battles take place, you and the enemy will take turns solving puzzles every time it is your turn. To be able to win, requires careful puzzle solving. Match items intelligently. For example, when the health is quite low, instead of attacking, you should pair stones to heal. Or create special combos. Can deal massive damage to enemies. Causing them to quickly lose their lives.Ear Gunspell Mod

Reward, difficulty increase

After defeating monsters in Gunspell Mod’s match-3 puzzle battle. You will complete the assigned task. At the same time receive the bonus, they will continue to participate in the new battle. Face off against monsters with combat skills, as well as smarter puzzle-solving abilities. Makes you hard to beat. Each match is more and more difficult than before. You need to constantly improve your skills, as well as hone your puzzle experience. From there it is possible to defeat monsters to protect the world from doom.

Various types of equipment and weapons

Developing the strength of the character is one of the very important factors. At Gunspell Mod you can equip main weapon, secondary weapon, armor, ring, chain. Help the character increase combat ability. The game offers a variety of equipment systems. Possess a huge arsenal of weapons, with many different types. Typically pistols, long guns, swords, etc. Each weapon after being equipped will help the character to attack with a large amount of damage in a puzzling turn. Likewise, the costumes and accessories help the character increase health and defense. Can withstand multiple attacks from enemies.Gunspell Mod APK

Go through battles, win puzzle battles with monsters. You will get experience points. From there can help the character increase to new levels. After reaching a certain level, combat skills can be unlocked. At Gunspell Mod there are many different attack skills. Each skill is used passively. Take turns unlocking skills to use in battle. Can help you create special attack combos. Causes enemies to take large amounts of damage.

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