Guns at Dawn APK 1.19.4
Guns at Dawn APK 1.19.4

Guns at Dawn APK 1.19.4

By CBCC - January 4, 2022
Name Guns at Dawn: Shooter PvP Game
Version 1.18.4
Size 172MB
Requires Android 8.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Update January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Guns at Dawn Mod is an online gun battle game. The game belongs to the multiplayer action-shooter genre. Built by Viva Games Studios, exclusively for mobile phones. When participating in matches, you need to shoot down opponents. Become the last survivor standing on the battlefield. In all the battles that take place, the gunmen use a single weapon. It’s a pistol, which can be upgraded over time. Lots of times your opponents are online players. They come from all over the world. Through online leaderboard mode, you will compete with them. Combined with beautiful 3D graphics, and the matches take place in many different contexts. Promising to bring the top competitive gun battles.

Download Guns at Dawn Mod – Dramatic Online Gun Battles

Before starting to enter the battles of Guns at Dawn Mod. You play as one of 8 gunmen with different skills and appearances. Including outlaws, orphans, bounty hunters, Marshall, etc., and many other characters. Each gunman has their own style of appearance. Possess special shooting skills, with their own prominence. At the same time, each one has stats such as health, lethality, and agility. After gaining enough experience to level up. Their stats will be increased. What’s more, you can design the gunman’s appearance according to your own style. By combining accessories, equipment is provided by the system. Hundreds of different looks can be created. For example, some custom accessories such as cowboy hats, wide-brimmed hats, etc.Guns at Dawn Mod

10 types of pistols, upgradable

The game owns more than 10 different types of pistols. Players can unlock to fight in their own style. Each gun of Guns at Dawn Mod is designed quite impressively. Typically some pistols such as Navy, Schofield, Walker, PeaceMaker, etc. All guns have their own operating mechanism. As well as the number of bullets that can be fired in a change of ammunition is not the same. The abilities of the guns are shown through the stats. Includes damage, reload time, accuracy, and defense. At the same time, each gun is divided into 4 main parts. Includes handle, magazine, trigger, and barrel. Each part of the gun can be upgraded. Using the money earned after completing matches, you can upgrade guns. From there, it will increase the stats, which can be highly effective in the next matches.Download Guns at Dawn Mod

Leaderboard mode, 1vs1 competition, skills

Guns at Dawn Mod opens online leaderboard mode. Requires the player to be connected to the Internet. Because the main competitors are real players. They are excellent shooters, you will be competing with thousands of people around the world. Through real-time 1vs1 competitive gun battles. Show your skills, compete with opponents with a gun in hand. Move flexibly, dodge quickly. Causes the opponent to not be able to attack correctly to make you lose health. Take advantage of the surrounding terrain, hide to defend. Combine attacks accurately, causing opponents to lose their lives quickly. After winning, you will continue to participate in new matches. Take turns winning against opponents. You will be on the leaderboard of the best shooters.Tai Guns at Dawn Mod

Shots hit locations on the body

During the gunfights at Guns at Dawn Mod. To be able to make the opponent lose a lot of blood, even lose their life with just a single bullet. Do you need to shoot accurately in the head? Although it is quite difficult to hit, the damage caused is huge. Can even cause the opponent’s health to be depleted with just one bullet when hit. Besides, you can attack other positions on the body. From the chest, arms, legs to the abdomen. When hit, it will reduce the enemy’s health. However, it will need to hit many bullets to be able to knock it down. Your character is the same way. If you let the enemy shoot accurately on parts of the body, especially the head. You will also lose your life, which means the match will be lost.Game Guns at Dawn Mod

Rely on high-quality 3D graphics. The image of Guns at Dawn Mod is carefully designed. The environment that takes place in the battles is very lively. Along with the ultimate shooting effect, shown in the trail when the bullet is fired. In particular, objects and obstacles in the environment can be destroyed. For example, firing bullets into a wooden crate in a match or a tree trunk. The crumbling effect is reproduced very impressively. Exciting shooting sound combo. With the sound of footsteps moving across the arena. Mixed with unique music melodies. More fun for players.

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