Gun Gang Mod APK 2.10.0 (Unlimited Money)
Gun Gang Mod APK 2.10.0 (Unlimited Money)

Gun Gang Mod APK 2.10.0 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 13, 2022
Name Gun Gang
Version 2.10.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 155MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Zynga
Update January 13, 2022 (4 days ago )

Gun Gang Mod is an action game that combines unique shooting gameplay. Requires teamwork, unity of members in a team. Support each other in the journey to destroy the bandits. With the scene unfolding in the city, this place will take place in challenging shootings. In the dramatic gunfight, you play the role of a policeman, the guardian of the city’s order. Constantly moving forward. At the same time admitting new policemen to the battle squad. Through the process of moving on the road. Here, the game promotes teamwork. Support each other in the journey to move to the battle site with the enemy. The larger the number, the higher the chance of winning.

Download Gun Gang Mod – Enroll More Police Force To Kill Crime

The gameplay of Gun Gang Mod takes place in a scene style. You lead a task force to fight the criminals in the city. However, the fight only begins when you move to the final path. It is also after crossing the finish line that the battle officially begins. Before that, you will have to move on the road, avoiding obstacles. At the same time admitting more police forces to the task force. They appear on black rocks. Each block has a person standing on it, along with the number shown below. By firing bullets continuously at those black rocks. The number of bullets must correspond to the number shown on the stone block. After destroying the rock block, your task force will again have the police force. The more the number of policemen, the higher the fighting ability. Not only can fire more bullets,Gun Gang Mod

Lots of different obstacles

In the journey move to the finish line to fight the bandits. The path in Gun Gang Mod appears a lot of obstacles. Piles of sand, garbage trucks lying on the side of the road, some giant balls lying in the middle of the road. Or plastic containers appear a lot, blocking the way to move. At this time, the task force will automatically fire towards the target to remove obstacles in the way. Your task is to choose the path of movement for the task force. Observe the obstacles ahead, consider which obstacle removal is appropriate. The thorough calculation to select the most suitable movement path for the task force. Ensure the safety of the police force. Move to the destination safely with a large number of police.Tai Gun Gang Mod

Combine shooting and running, collision obstacles

Gun Gang Mod is considered an interesting survival game that you should not miss. Mixed shooting and running elements. When entering the game, the forces in the task force will automatically run forward. At the same time, they continuously fired bullets, even though there were no obstacles ahead. Besides, you can be defeated by obstacles at any time. Every time they collide, the number of members of the task force will be reduced. Maybe even the entire police force will lose their lives if you don’t avoid it in time. Or when fighting criminals. Your force is too small will also be attacked by the enemy and must lose.Download Gun Gang Mod

Fight with criminals

Usually, games in the style of going to the finish line when reaching the finish line are to complete the task. But for Gun Gang Mod reaching the finish line is just the beginning of a war. Overcome obstacles while moving on the road. Add more police forces to the task force. Everything is for the ultimate battle as you reach the finish line. At this time, the police force will automatically move and hide behind the rocks. At the same time criminals appear, they are armed. Will run towards the task force, fire bullets to attack them. At the same time, the police force will fire continuously to destroy the enemy. The battle only ends when one of the two factions, the police or the criminal is completely annihilated. Meaning, you can only win when the enemy is completely destroyed.Gun Gang Mod

Graphics of Gun Gang Mod are built in 3D style. Sharp image quality, bright color combinations. Expressed through the environment, the obstacles. Along with unique character creation, in many different styles. With the background at the main streets of the city. On either side are buildings and shops that appear throughout the movement. It will give you a much more engaging gaming experience. Besides, the sound is fun, lively, combined with interesting background music. Gives you a great feeling when you are immersed in attractive music.

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