Guitar Girl Mod APK 4.7.1 (Unlimited Fans/Loves)
Guitar Girl Mod APK 4.7.1 (Unlimited Fans/Loves)

Guitar Girl Mod APK 4.7.1 (Unlimited Fans/Loves)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Guitar Girl
Version 4.7.1
MOD Features Unlimited Fans/Loves
Size 106M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher NEOWIZ
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Guitar Girl Mod is an idle simulation game with soft music to relax anytime and anywhere. You will be the sweet anime girl with the desire to bring music to everyone in the world. Many fans always follow you during each of your live streams on social networks. They can give you gifts to upgrade your character, unlock new skills, new songs, and more new content in the game’s existing story. The gameplay is very simple, just touch the screen to play and interact with the features. However, the appeal of the game comes from the music, which is the gentle and deep guitar songs, which can relieve all the players’ troubles. Therefore, this game is loved by many young people, especially women. If it’s also your taste, download the game right away and enjoy it now.

Download Guitar Girl Mod – Play and enjoy music

Guitar Girl is a simple game from the publisher NEOWIZ. It will impress you with its sweet, lovely, and attractive anime cartoon style. Besides, the game content and replay mechanism are quite simple, helping gamers approach the game right from the first experience. The game does not have a clear mission system, so it is mainly created for entertainment. At times of fatigue and stress such as after school or waiting for someone, you can play the guitar to refresh your spirit or simply pass the time. But then with the attraction of the game, you will surely come back to it many times. Sweet anime girl with incredible playing skills that will make you fall in love.


Joining the game, the player will become a girl with a strong desire for music. But with a timid and self-deprecating nature, she only dares to hide in a small room and play boring guitar tunes. You’ll have to lend her a hand to develop her music even further. Let’s start helping her out in public through a social media Livestream. Her talent will attract more fans to further strengthen her reputation. One day, your girl can stand in front of the crowd and perform seductive music on the beach, or on the street. That’s actually pretty cool.

During the music playing, the player can click on the screen to increase the likes. When accumulating enough likes, gamers can upgrade her character so that she has more new skills. Besides, when the level is higher, you can unlock more new chapters in the game’s plot. New fans will appear and help you unlock more new tracks, new outfits, and more. The game is a journey that progresses over time and cannot be stopped. So the longer you play, the more things you have in the collection of Guitar Girl Mod.


Decorate your character and room

With the rewards received, you can unlock many new costumes for your character to attract new followers. It can be a school uniform, a lovely long skirt and more. Outfits will be ranked from common to rare. You can participate in special events for a chance to unlock the most impressive skins after the competition.

In addition, the game also gives you many decorations to make the room more impressive. You can replace the wooden bed, wall art, clock, night light, teddy bear, rug… Try to play music every day to upgrade and earn rewards for this unlock. The more decorative objects, the more ways you can create your style, from characters to rooms and everything around. Your experience will be better than ever.


Pure and sweet anime image

We really like the anime visual style in Guitar Girl. Your girl looks adorable, like a high school girl usually seen in classic Japanese anime movies. Besides, other images such as decorations, rooms, pets, … also look quite sharp and realistic. The game context is not too diverse, but there are many things to change and change the environment to your liking. And especially, the music is the most attractive thing of the game. The melodious, deep guitar melodies will be a sedative for you when you feel stressed. You can listen to a lot of different guitar music during the play.

Guitar Girl Mod is really a fun simulation game. Everything is very simple from gameplay to images, effects … but it is impressive enough for players to remember forever. Play while listening to music and discover interesting school stories, why not? You can turn your school friends into your followers and fans. Be more confident and more beautiful, this world is always welcoming you.

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