Grow Castle Mod APK 1.35.6 (Unlimited Coins)
Grow Castle Mod APK 1.35.6 (Unlimited Coins)

Grow Castle Mod APK 1.35.6 (Unlimited Coins)

By LMH - October 5, 2021
Name Grow Castle
Version 1.35.6
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Size 41MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher RAON GAMES
Update October 5, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Grow Castle Mod is an entertaining game that helps players have comfortable moments, with simple gameplay, but the game still attracts a large number of players. In addition, the game also has an advantage that helps players learn strategies when playing, besides, the characters in the game are shaped quite fun and interesting with creative bright colors. so an engaging game. Grow Castle Mod was created by the developer of RAON GAMES when inspired by the story of the appearance of evil monsters. With the intention of invading the beautiful land of your kingdom, this place is a fertile land when people live together in harmony every day to go home from farming, carefree life. With the army still weak, the monsters occupied all the other strongholds, only the last castle of the kingdom remains. You- a brave general will command your army defensively to stop the attacks of the dark army.

Download Grow Castle Mod – Protect Your Kingdom From Aggressive Enemies

The war will take place with a glimmer of hope to destroy the enemy or be enslaved forever. Join Grow Castle Mod, the main task is to protect a solid castle after being attacked by opponents, starting the game, you will be instructed how to play as well as interesting features. In the beginning, everything is quite simple, the player will have to face the opponent’s attacks, your task is to destroy those monsters and keep your kingdom safe in the distance. the time is given by the system. After completing the player will continue to step into a new level, where the monsters will appear more than before with their strength and speed also increased.Game Grow castle Mod

Consists of 2 main towers

The tower in Hack Grow Castle will have 2 parts including the main tower and secondary tower. The advantage of the tower is that it can accommodate more soldiers fighting along with that the player will have to protect the main tower, because if unfortunately when the tower collapses, everything is considered over. Besides, the main tower will have a variety of skills for players to use. The sub-tower has a unique feature and a unique position to be placed, each type of tower will have different skills, players will have to see the actual situation in order to set the type of tower accordingly.

Enemies will grow stronger over time

The enemies in Grow Castle Mod will constantly grow and grow stronger than before, at a certain time their boss will appear with a giant body, large amounts of blood, strong armor, and devastating health. Big same will create fierce battles. If you think the boss is the most dangerous person then it’s completely wrong because the real danger comes from the monsters because they can build their own towers. Besides, the opponent has an extremely powerful assistant that is a witch, he can use magic to increase the combat ability and speed up the enemies faster. But his real ability was to summon a giant dragon that was capable of great destruction.Grow castle Mod

Effective strategy

As a military leader, you need to have skills and effective tactics. Grow Castle Mod has more than 120 units of soldiers that help players comfortably use and create intense and engaging battles. Through the matches you will accumulate experience and good fighting methods, for example, to attack at long range or increase the pace of the match, players can use mages. Each unit will have different characteristics suitable for attacking positions at near and far distances.

Graphic design

Grow Castle Mod is designed with interesting graphics, players will feel when participating in the match, for example, the shape of characters will not have faces or emotions. Instead, the game effect is elaborately elaborated and specially designed with explosions or attacks. Besides, players can participate in infinity mode, where the battle takes place when enough points need to be achieved in a certain amount of time to be able to move to the next stage. In addition, the game allows to join guilds and recruit soldiers to help players connect with friends around.

When downloading the Mod version of the Grow Castle Mod game, players will experience the Unlimited Money / Diamond feature, then you can freely unlock and shop for units of soldiers as well as unlock the features of a game. The game will be an entertaining medicine to help players have relaxing moments, battles to protect the kingdom and fight to destroy monsters are always hot topics. Please download to experience the interesting things as well as attractive features waiting for you.

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