Granny Legend Mod APK 1.1.8 ̣(Unlimited Money)
Granny Legend Mod APK 1.1.8 ̣(Unlimited Money)

Granny Legend Mod APK 1.1.8 ̣(Unlimited Money)

By DTQ - November 5, 2021
Name Granny Legend
Version 1.1.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 102MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Publisher Fastone Games
Update November 5, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Granny Legend tells a superhero story that is a grandmother with special powers. Originally a gentle person, but when someone bullies her grandchildren, she will transform into a hero to punish him. Until the earth is attacked by alien monsters, they want to invade here. She decided to join the fight to save the world. You will transform and help the character complete the mission. By using kitchen utensils to defeat them. When you destroy each name, you will drop a certain amount of coins. That will help players upgrade equipment to increase strength in battle. There are many different levels, so the higher the level, the more monsters will be increased and more difficult to destroy. Important in the gameplay is manipulation. It is necessary to avoid the hidden weapons that they give.

Download Granny Legend Mod – Join grandma on a journey to defeat evil demons to protect the earth

The gameplay of Granny Legend mod is very simple. There is only 1 joystick located in the bottom corner of the screen. Players will use their fingers to control the character to the position they want. The knives will always revolve around her, just when the enemy gets close to it, it will actively launch arrows. The monsters will fight fiercely, strongly, and in large numbers. Many arrows also have a long range that deals great damage. It is necessary to move her skillfully to avoid attacks from enemies. Destroy them, each name will drop a certain number of coins. Use it to upgrade more powerful weapons. Or you can increase the character’s level to open many unique combat skills. Buy costumes, change many different shapes. And when defeating all monsters in this level, the player will be transferred to the new map. Until you defeat the big and sinister boss, you will finally win.

Granny Legend mod


In Granny Legend, each level is an enemy with different fighting skills. Stage 1 is a group of tiny mice that move very quickly. They have a melee style, so they will rush to you. But because of the low health, it is easy to kill with just a few shots. Until moving to higher levels, it means that the enemy is also increased and much more dangerous. The big boos have very good resistance, and the damage is also higher and more accurate. There are those capable of long-range laser attacks and projectiles. They will just standstill at the door through the curtain to guard and unleash countless attacks. However, just with its huge amount of inherent blood is already detrimental to the player.

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Granny Legend provides the player with weapons that are kitchen applications. They are knife, pestle, salute, etc…. The higher the level, the harder the monsters are to defeat. So upgrade equipment to the highest level to increase damage to enemies. Easily defeat them and claim victory. Weapons are divided into 2 main and secondary classes. It always spins its grandmother green and automatically attacks enemies when they get close. In long combat, some applications will drop on you, you can pick them up immediately. Gold, diamonds, or currency will help you upgrade them. More because the game features unlimited money. Therefore, gamers enjoy upgrading their weapons and equipment. By completing the unlocked stages that the gameplay offers.

Game Granny Legend mod

Graphics and sound

Granny Legend’s graphics are quite beautiful, modern by bright colors, sharp 3D images. The scene where each game screen takes place has its own landscape. There is only one character, but many new and unique costumes are designed. The monsters are created with many different shapes, cute designs. The battle has a flexible plot. Feels like a cartoon, so suitable for everyone including children. The sound is vibrant, fun, and the sound of weapons when fighting is clear. That has contributed to the success of the gameplay, creating relaxing moments for the experiencer.

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The first thing when experiencing Granny Legend, I found the game to be very entertaining. It’s the easiest role-playing game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is simple, from images to sounds that are cartoonish, suitable for everyone. Special hero character. Many challenging levels with different levels for players to conquer. Each stage is only a few minutes long so you can play anywhere and anytime. Try to join the gameplay to discover more interesting things.

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