Grand Criminal Online MOD APK 0.41.12 (Unlimited HP)
Grand Criminal Online MOD APK 0.41.12 (Unlimited HP)

Grand Criminal Online MOD APK 0.41.12 (Unlimited HP)

By naomi988 - August 31, 2022
Name Grand Criminal Online
Version 0.41.12
MOD Features Unlimited HP
Size 833M
Requires Android, iOS 9.0+
Category Action, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Next Level LLC
Genre ,
Update August 31, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Grand Criminal Online MOD game is a dramatic action game. Playing this game you will decide for yourself your ability to survive. Learn about the game in detail through the article below.

Grand Criminal Online MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited HP)

Description of the game Grand Criminal Online MOD

This is a unique 3D third-person action game that takes the best of the legendary Grand Theft Auto. It gives players a whole new perspective on the iconic gameplay loved by millions.

In Grand Criminal Online MOD, only the player can define his or her own role – maybe you will be a law-abiding citizen, dedicated to carrying out your responsibilities, or you may be a single player. Powerful gangster just want to make easy money. Or maybe become an entrepreneur and start participating in the stock market.

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Highlights of the game

Various missions

Grand Criminal Online MOD currently owns an extremely diverse and deep mission system. Each character that the player chooses will have separate missions, but they are closely related to each other. For that reason, when playing this game, players will feel the plot very clearly and without being disjointed.

All participants in the game can do their own work and bring a very chill feeling such as robbing a bank, racing entertainment when participating in the game with peak moments. However, players need to remember not to do this in real life.

Game play

As always, money is always the main objective of the game. This is what motivates all three main characters while pushing the player on the path to commit crimes. After having money, players can invest in buying businesses, it will automatically bring a lot of money for you, individual players can also participate to generate more revenue for their characters.

Gamers are not forced to follow the story at a certain pace. Being able to freely explore the open world and easily do what you want is a key element of Grand Criminal Online. Whether the player wants to rob an armored vehicle, rob a convenience store, take out a pedestrian, or simply drive around, it’s all doable.

There is also the option of investing in the stock markets, similar to in real life, which is really difficult. Unless a player directly influences the market, for example investing in a car company and then taking actions that will enhance the values ​​of that company’s stock.

Online game mode

The special thing that makes Grand Criminal Online MOD attract many people to play is thanks to a small part of the effort placed in the game’s online (online) game mode. The game is updated periodically every month to constantly refresh the content, thereby helping your experience to be more sublimated.

Besides, the publisher GCO does not abandon players like other games today. They will always upgrade the missions and challenges in the game to help you conquer new heights. Therefore, it is certain that this will be a game without “breaking the island” that will take you from one surprise to another.


Grand Criminal Online MOD at LMHMOD now has extremely high quality 3D graphics with high detail. Simultaneously modern visual effects, user-friendly interface and controls, combined with addictive gameplay will open up a wonderful game world.

Grand Criminal Online MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited HP)

FAQs about Grand Criminal Online MOD

What age is the game suitable for?

This game is suitable for all ages. However, if the player is under 12 years old, parental consent should be obtained. This will help you to participate in the game better.

Does Grand Criminal Online MOD cost a fee?

All games downloaded at LMHMOD do not cost anything. You can experience it easily by downloading and installing

Is the game safe for smartphones?

LMHMOD currently has an extremely good download link moderation team. You are completely assured when participating in downloading games here without worrying about virus problems.

Grand Criminal Online MOD APK {{version}} (Unlimited HP)

Download Grand Criminal Online MOD game for Android

Download Grand Criminal Online MOD from the links below. This MOD has an unlimited number of bullets and no need to reload the MOD allowing players to fire bullets at enemies and kill them instantly. What are you waiting for without downloading the game to your mobile to experience it right away.

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