Grand City Street Mafia Gangster APK 1.0
Grand City Street Mafia Gangster APK 1.0

Grand City Street Mafia Gangster APK 1.0

By CBCC - March 14, 2022
Name Grand City Street Mafia Gangster
Version 1.0
Size 75MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher 5 Years Ago
Update March 14, 2022 (4 months ago )

Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod is inspired by the gangster game Grand Theft Auto. The gameplay is similar, simulating a large city. As a gangster, you will have to perform illegal activities to survive. Although based on the content and theme of the gangster game. But the game’s graphics are somewhat better. Bright picture quality, more vivid environment. In particular, the actions of the character are very flexible and smooth. Through third-person view from the rear. You can observe the character’s every movement. Along with that are elements of violence, bringing an adventure style. Unleash the illegal lifestyle of the gangsters. Combined with many other unique features. With a diverse mission system, and newly added stories.

Download Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod – Criminal Life of a Gangster

The control interface of Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod is quite simple. Designed similar to other gangster games. On the left side of the screen, a virtual joystick is used. With the ability to move, combine the character’s navigation. The right side of the screen includes 4 icons, corresponding to 4 different actions. Includes punching, kicking, jumping up, and sitting down. They are used to attack others. However, during gameplay, virtual joysticks are used to attack. May be subject to change, depending on the character. For example when using a weapon such as a gun or a knife. Punch and kick icons will be changed accordingly. At the same time, you can change weapons through the swap icon. Use a weapon suitable for each activity going on.Game Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod

Open gameplay, commit crimes

The background of Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod opens in a city. Based on the open gameplay, you can control the character to move freely. Also, perform individual actions without restrictions from the system. In the role of a gangster. Specializes in carrying out illegal activities. You can attack innocent people walking on the street. Steal their property for money. Even robbed banks, robbed transportation. Attack the police, smash everything. Or the driver collides with the traffic passing by. By creating serious accidents. Or simply drive to explore the city, taking in the beautiful surroundings. Through the activities performed. You will decide yourself as a conscientious gangster or notorious gangster.Download Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod

Perform specific tasks to earn money

Although it is possible to freely commit criminal acts in the city. But if you want to earn money, you need to perform the required tasks. The quest system of Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod plays out in a specific way. Example of moving to a specified location. Or attack a civilian to rob them of their money. Each task is represented by words that appear on the screen. At the same time, the location of the task is not fixed. Observe the system-provided minimap. You can track where you need to go. Through the glowing location, move there to complete the mission. Then will get the bonus. Continue with a new task. If you want to earn more money, you need to perform the task quickly.Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod APK

Realistic graphics, vibrant sound

Promising to bring players an exciting gangster-style adventure. Developer 5 Years Ago has built the graphics of Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod very realistic. Bright, sharp images can be easily seen. Along with a brighter and more vivid color scheme. Combined with the 3rd person perspective, it is possible to observe every movement of the character. Very flexible, smooth in every action. From moving on the street to attacking people with punches and kicks. Not stopping there, the environment, surrounding scenery, and buildings are recreated very realistically. Combines immersive sound quality. Exciting background music plays out throughout the gameplay.Tai Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod

During the quest at Grand City Street Mafia Gangster Mod. Your location may be quite far from where you need to go. To shorten the time, you need to move at a faster speed. Using media is an effective solution. Through the act of stealing people’s cars. You will own a vehicle to move to the desired destination. However, criminal activities will increase the level of danger. To a certain extent, you will become the wanted object of the police. They will attack, even open fire to kill on the spot. You need to be careful and calculate carefully before committing a crime.

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