Goose Goose Duck Mod APK 1.05.00 (Unlocked)
Goose Goose Duck Mod APK 1.05.00 (Unlocked)

Goose Goose Duck Mod APK 1.05.00 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - November 27, 2021
Name Goose Goose Duck
Version 1.05.00
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 91MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Gaggle Studios, Inc.
Update November 27, 2021 (2 days ago )

Join the game Goose Goose Duck Mod to transform into a goose or a duck. With the task of accompanying animals of the same species to eliminate other animals. Depending on the animal you play as a castle, in each level. You will have to perform the task of that animal. Find ways to eliminate animals of different species. The game belongs to the genre of strategy games. With the participation of many players, in the role of goose or duck. Will compete and compete with each other during the game screen. Especially, with online game mode. You will be accompanied by teammates to compete with other players. In an open space, one can freely move anywhere. Explore and look for clues about animals of different species. Remove them from the game to be able to win.

Download Goose Goose Duck Mod – Goose vs Duck Competition

The story of Goose Goose Duck Mod revolves around two animals, including geese and ducks. With the scene unfolding on a vast ship. There are many different areas for you to explore. Here, the geese are trying to find a way to repair the ship. Wish it worked again to be able to survive. Besides, the fake faction consisted of ducks. Trying to stop the geese, not let them repair the ship. The mission of the duck faction mixed with the geese faction, with a plot to kill the entire geese faction. In particular, the duck faction has the ability to disguise and hide in a very thorough manner. Makes the geese very difficult to spot. Now, to be able to survive the evil conspiracy of the ducks. The geese side will have to vote to remove the ducks disguised as geese.Game Goose Goose Duck Mod

Role-based missions, gameplay, eliminating enemy factions

Start entering the game of Goose Goose Duck Mod. You will transform into a goose or a duck. After that, they will have to perform tasks corresponding to their roles. With the gameplay taking place in an open style. On a large ship, you can move to the compartments. Look for clues and collect items. For the purpose of eliminating animals of different species. During the gameplay, each animal has its own role. The game will continue until one of the two factions, the goose or the duck is completely eliminated. To be able to win the game. If your side is on the goose side, you will have to find a way to eliminate the fakers. On the contrary, if you belong to the duck faction, you will have to change the ladder and find a way to kill the entire geese faction. After the game is over, based on your faction’s score. From there will receive valuable rewards.Goose Goose Duck Mod

30 animals, their own roles

Goose Goose Duck Mod provides more than 30 animals. Each animal has its own ability, as well as the role that needs to be performed in the games. For example, professional ducks, when approaching a dead body, will automatically report the incident. Transforming ducks, able to disguise themselves as other animals. Goose prowls, can hide in every nook and cranny. Vulture, capable of eating the carcass of an animal that has been killed. Birdwatcher Goose can see through walls but has limited normal vision. Police goose, with the ability to kill any animal. But if you kill the goose, you will die. There are many animals with their own roles and abilities waiting for you to discover. Depends on the animal you play as. Along with the impostor faction or the ship repair faction in each level. You need to follow the rules of the game in order to win.Download Goose Goose Duck Mod

5 game modes

Currently, Goose Goose Duck Mod has 5 main game modes. Includes Goose Hunt, Trick or Treat, Dine & Dash, Classic, and Classic+. Each mode opens the game screen according to its own rules. Classic is the basic model, with default rules, already set up. Classic + mode, allowing players to adjust some rules to experience for themselves. Goose Hunt mode takes place in the chase gameplay. A duck appeared, trying to kill all geese on board. Like a duck, you will have to kill all the geese before time runs out. On the contrary, in the role of goose, you need to find a way to run away. Dine & Dash mode takes place in real-time. Ducks will disguise themselves as geese and find ways to kill geese in a limited time. Finally, the Trick or Treat mode. Ducks will turn into killers, geese will turn into humans.Goose Goose Duck Mod

In the game Goose Goose Duck Mod there are a total of 5 main maps. Includes Nexus Colony, Mallard Manor, Mothership, Black Swan, and SS Each map opens up to different areas. With distinct themes, unique environments. At the same time, in each map appear many objects for you to search. Take advantage of the objects found on the map, after successfully solving the puzzle. Will help you perform the task in an easier way. Can get out of dangerous situations. Or find out which animal is faking to destroy.

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