Google Maps APK 11.29.1
Google Maps APK 11.29.1

Google Maps APK 11.29.1

By thiendi01 - August 9, 2022
Name Google Maps
Version 11.29.1
MOD Features N/A
Size 96.83 MB
Requires Android 5.0, iOS 13.4+
Category Apps, Tools
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Price FREE
Publisher Google LLC
Genre ,
Update August 9, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Google Maps is an application that helps users get world maps, locate, determine directions easily instantly. The world is now just in the palm of your hand. A few simple steps will help you go anywhere you want.access to LMHMOD to get top apps. 

About Google Maps

Google Maps is the most powerful application available today with coverage in nearly 230 countries and territories. All the information that Google Maps provides to users is extremely rich and can be said to be accurate up to about 90%.

google maps

We have a leading application and benefit from it. Just download it and access it. An extremely practical proof is that every day there are up to millions of visitors worldwide. 

Not only locate the address you want to go to, but Google Maps is also a means to mark where you are at important times. Determining the time, means and distance has made it easier for users to move. 

Google House has provided users with many useful applications such as: Google, Google Chrome, Google Translate, .. These applications all attract a lot of users and up to the present time Google Maps is also one of them. The most powerful App. 

Thanks to the integration of AI technology in the application, it helps users to identify all the locations that you want to target as well as make relevant attractive suggestions. 

No matter how vague you want to go to a place, you can still see it with your eyes with the top-down 3D simulation. Even searching in a mountain forest still had clear images as before. 

Special features of Google Maps 

Bring meaning to all aspects of life

With these features, it can be said that the application has made sense in all aspects of economy, people, history, commerce, .. . big. You will hardly imagine how easy it is to simulate a city village image. 

Determine a specific location 

User can locate a specific place and find the fastest route whether in the country or abroad

google maps

The user can know the status and traffic conditions on the way they want to go . 

Find a vehicle 

Once you have determined a location, you can search for trains, motorbikes, buses, taxis or any other means of transport. 

Other features 

  • Share where you are, with any other user who just needs an internet connection
  • Search for places to eat in the area 
  • Suggestions for landmarks, historic sites, or famous important places
  • Know the distance between places you want to go to calculate reasonable in your trip 
  • See shortcuts for more convenient travel 
  • Support quick location search for places no internet connection 
google maps
google maps


Can Maps be used in places where there is no internet connection?

Users can use this application to places where there is no network connection. You just need to search the location first and then but only and without internet always. 

Where should I download the application? 

You should visit the website LMHMOD to download G.Maps to limit information theft and viruses. 

Is it free to use the app? 

Google Maps is completely free, you just need to download and install it. 

Download the Google Maps APK app for Android IOS

In general, wherever you are or what you do, you need a practical application like Google Maps. This is a completely free tool with absolute reliability. Whenever you need it, immediately open the app and search for the place you want to go.

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