Gemstone Legends Mod APK 0.40.421 (Menu, High Damage, God Mode)
Gemstone Legends Mod APK 0.40.421 (Menu, High Damage, God Mode)

Gemstone Legends Mod APK 0.40.421 (Menu, High Damage, God Mode)

By CBCC - January 13, 2022
Name Gemstone Legends - Epic fantasy match-3 puzzle RPG
Version 0.40.421
MOD Features Menu, High Damage, God Mode
Size 155MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Stribog Games
Update January 13, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

A war broke out between heroes and dark wizarding forces, the forces of darkness in Gemstone Legends Mod. You are the one who leads the heroes to participate in this dramatic war. Build a strong alliance with witches, knights, warriors, wizards from many different factions. It is even possible to train dragons to bring them to this fierce shadow war. Your mission is to stop the dark forces from dominating the world before it’s too late. Enter the match-3 puzzle-style battle. Overcome each challenge in turn, constantly improving your puzzle skills. At the same time, develop combat power by upgrading heroes. Increases their combat ability, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies with each hit. Defeat them to complete the mission, continue to enter new battles.

Download Gemstone Legends Mod – The War Against The Dark Forces

Dark magic appears in Gemstone Legends Mod they open wars of invasion. Threatening the peace of the world, causing the alliance of light to begin to show signs of cracking. Faced with such a brutal reality, the heroes need to once again stand up. Together with form a new alliance, conquer the lands that have been invaded by the dark forces. Do not succumb to their domination. Join the game, your mission is to lead the hero to fight the forces of darkness. Through match-3 puzzle war. Use smart tactics, exploit the full power of the hero. Deals damage to enemies, causing them to die. Win against the forces of darkness. Affirming the world’s peace never submits to the domination of the dark forces.Gemstone Legends Mod

Gather heroes, tame dragons

Gemstone Legends Mod’s war unfolds in a fantasy RPG world. Here, you have the opportunity to meet many heroes. They are warriors, knights, magicians. Will appear during the journey to conquer the conquered lands. Gather heroes as a team, and enter a thrilling match-3 puzzle war. Lead the heroes to open the paths covered by darkness. Discover the secrets that are hidden behind the darkness of the dark forces. Also, in the shadow war. You can tame legendary dragons to fight with heroes. Help them fight fearsome enemies. Overcome all challenges and go to the final battle. Defeat the boss, the ruler of the dark forces. Win victory, restore new order to the world.Dowload Gemstone Legends Mod

Various types of monsters

In the war of Gemstone Legends Mod. You will have to face a lot of different monsters. Dark dragons, pythons, scorpions, wolves, wild boars, and more. You even have to fight with monsters, dark witches. Every enemy you encounter has terrifying power. They have outstanding combat ability, can create huge damage to heroes. Also in each battle, you’re not fighting just a single enemy. So you need to use all your puzzle skills to help the heroes unleash their full power. Defeat the enemy to continue to enter the new battle. The difficulty of the game also increases from there. Parallel to the difficulty, the reward you receive will be more than before, after winning.Game Gemstone Legends Mod

PvP mode

Come to PvP online mode. You will be participating in the arena of Gemstone Legends Mod. Here, you gather heroes to participate in battles with opponents. Show off the power of your heroes with real-time match-3 puzzles. Improve your tactics to win against other players’ armies. Besides, you can join the guild to become an ally. Riding the dragon, together fight the forces of darkness in the clan war. There is a chance to collect a lot of loot and huge treasures.

Match-3 puzzle

The match-3 puzzle process of Gemstone Legends Mod is turn-based. You arrange 3 or more magic stones, of the same color and shape. Merge horizontally or vertically. After each successful pairing, the heroes will use their personal power to attack the enemy. Depends on the number of magic stones assembled. Especially if you create combos that will help heroes create a large amount of damage. Causes the enemy to consume a huge amount of health.Tai Gemstone Legends Mod

Upgrading heroes will enable them to fight powerful enemies. Gemstone Legends Mod gives you a lot of items to equip your hero. Each hero can own 6 different types of equipment. Includes weapons, armor, gloves, leg armor, hats, and jewelry. Collect the loot after winning the battles. Equipping the most powerful items will help the hero increase his outstanding combat ability.

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