Garden Mania 3 Mod APK 4.0.3 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Garden Mania 3 Mod APK 4.0.3 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Garden Mania 3 Mod APK 4.0.3 (Unlimited Diamonds)

By CBCC - January 11, 2022
Name Garden Mania 3
Version 3.9.9
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Size 26MB
Requires Android 4.0
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Publisher Ezjoy
Update January 11, 2022 (6 days ago )

Publisher Ezjoy offers players a Casual game to explore their own garden. Garden Mania 3 Mod is the newly released version of the Garden Mania game series. Following on from its predecessor, the game is now designed with interesting match-3 puzzle gameplay. The player’s task is to develop the garden with fruits, berries, and many animals. In particular, the game gives you a lot of new and unique features. Plants can be harvested and sold to earn money. Raise pets to help you protect your garden from evil. What’s more, you will have to compete with other players at the puzzle level. Compete with them with clever puzzle moves. Win with the highest score.

Download Garden Mania 3 Mod – Become an Administrator to Grow the Garden

Garden Mania 3 Mod opens a lively garden. Here, you as a moderator, have a very important role. Take on the task of developing your own garden. Grow plants and raise animals to make the garden fun. Also, upgrade plants and animals to a higher level when participating in puzzle levels. Reach the required number of points, from which you can upgrade livestock and crops to new levels. In particular, all activities in the game take place in a match-3 puzzle style. Whether you want to unlock animals, grow plants, or grow your garden, you must join the puzzle level. Earn money and meet the conditions to be able to perform the next activities. Moreover, throughout the journey, you will meet many new characters. With a friendly appearance,Garden Mania 3 Mod

Match-3 puzzle

Similar to other match-3 puzzle games. Garden Mania 3 Mod takes you into a puzzle game with tubers, fruits, and animals. The gameplay is quite simple, you combine at least 3 types of tubers, fruits, and plant varieties. Can be horizontally or vertically to complete the task. Collect the same plants in turn with the given number of levels. You will complete the task, and at the same time move to the next level. Reach as high as you can with the goal of getting up to 3 stars in a level. From there you can get a lot of bonuses, experience, and items.Dowload Garden Mania 3 Mod

Use support tools

During the puzzle process of Garden Mania 3 Mod, you sometimes encounter difficulties without a solution. Can use assistive tools to overcome. Using hammers, watering cans and pots effectively will help you achieve good results. For example, you use a watering can to grow an entire fruit that appears on the screen. Then use the pot to collect all the fruit you just watered. At that time, you can collect twice as many fruits as you want. What’s more, using tools doesn’t just open you up. But also achieve a higher score than usual. It is even possible to create beautiful combos. From there, the score will increase continuously, helping you quickly collect all the required items. Complete tasks quickly in a short time.Tai Garden Mania 3 Mod

Story mode and creative mode

The game has 2 main modes including story mode and creative mode. Each mode when participating will bring you a new experience and not feel boring. However, no matter which model you join, you must solve puzzles to get the highest score possible. For the story mode of Garden Mania 3 Mod. Your mission is to pass each level with the goal of reaching up to 3 stars. Continue to the next level. Hundreds of levels from easy to difficult for you to explore. At the same time, the difficulty will increase gradually each time you experience a new level. The number of puzzles will decrease, as well as the requirement will increase. Requires puzzle skills to overcome the challenge. Besides, when entering creative mode. You can promote your observation and creativity to achieve the highest achievement.Game Garden Mania 3 Mod

Coming to Garden Mania 3 Mod you can discover many different types of flowers, tubers, fruits, and animals. Include fruits like watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, mangosteen. Or tubers like carrots, beans, etc. And animals like dairy cows, goats, rabbits, foxes, cats, pigs, chickens. In particular, everything in the game is designed in bright, friendly colors. Make you feel close. Combine with fun music tunes throughout the puzzle levels. Promising to bring players an extremely interesting farm experience.

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