Fran Bow APK 2.0.3
Fran Bow APK 2.0.3

Fran Bow APK 2.0.3

By naomi988 - August 11, 2022
Name Fran Bow
Version 2.0.3
MOD Features N/A
Size 98M
Requires Android 2.3, iOS 6.0+
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Killmonday Games
Genre ,
Update August 11, 2022 (1 month ago )
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The game Fran Bow has been modified through many versions. The game promises to bring an exciting adventure. Currently this game is popular in the market. Check out the game below.

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Overview of Fran Bow

Game Introduction

Fran Bow is a horror puzzle game developed by Swedish studio Killmonday Games. Its PC version was first released in 2015. Then, the mobile versions were released in 2016.

The game’s plot begins with a summary of the life of a little girl named Fran Bow. This girl was born in 1934, brought home by her parents to live in a house with her aunt, Grace. Her parents bought her a black cat as a friend and she called it Mr. Midnight.

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Fran Bow’s Storyline

The story takes place in 1944, when Fran discovers a giant, creepy shadow outside the window. At the same time, there was a scream from her mother and the little girl ran into the room to find her parents had been killed by someone and cut their bodies into pieces. Fran rushed to bring Mr. Midnight ran from the house and hid in the woods.

After running for a while, the girl lost her strength and lost consciousness. Mr. Midnight was still by her side. However, when people found out and took her away, the cat was left in the forest. Fran wakes up in the ward of the Oswald psychiatric hospital and finds herself in treatment with Dr. Marcel Deern. It turned out that what had just happened was actually the story of the girl in a state of hypnosis.

Dr. Deern expressed his disappointment as he tried many ways to treat Fran, but to no avail. He prescribed her a new drug called Duotine. However, after taking this drug, the girl reacted very strongly, the room gradually became a place of terror, full of blood and corpses, causing her to go into shock and fall unconscious.

In the dream, Fran still saw the terrifying shadow of the day before and this time it was more clearly a black-clad monster with a masked head in the shape of a goat’s skull. He threatened that he would do many ways to capture and drive the girl into madness and kill her. Following that, Mr. Midnight appears, comforts Fran and assumes that the new drug will help her escape. The cat made an appointment to meet her in the forest after she escaped from this hospital.

How to play

Fran Bow is a puzzle game that combines extreme adventures with various difficulties. The developer has brought you tough puzzles and Fran’s task is to interact and find the objects in the puzzle.

The first challenges will be extremely easy for you, that’s how Killmonday Games helps players understand how to play most effectively. But in fact, the difficulty will increase sharply later on, which proves how creative the members of the developer have to work. By this time logic will be at the forefront and you need to know the smallest details, connect the data to reach the final solution.

Simple graphics

As described above, Fran Bow brings horror from the game’s graphics. However, it was only released with a not-so-sophisticated 2D visual platform. All 5 chapters, the image of the game has not changed too much. Still a mysterious and obscure style, creating a creepy feeling when playing. In any case, the image of the game is always surrounded by a mysterious black landscape, very suitable for the content of the game.

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FAQs about Fran Bow

Does the game cost money?

Fran Bow APK is completely free for players to download at LMHMOD is website. You can download this game, experience difficult puzzles and help little Fran through this terrifying adventure without paying any fee.

Fran Bow is mobile safe?

Fran Bow APK is extremely safe for players’ devices. The game has been vetted by us using the best security software on the market. That ensures that they are always safe for you.

What age is the game suitable for?

Fran Bow APK has elements of horror and violence, so the game is only suitable for players 12 years and older. You need to consider before downloading and playing the game.

Fran Bow APK {{version}}

Download Fran Bow Game APK for Android

Fran Bow is fun game. Hope the information on LMHMOD has provided you with new things. Download the game APK unlocked version now to experience the features immediately.

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