Fps Shooting Strike Mod APK 1.47 (Unlimited Money)
Fps Shooting Strike Mod APK 1.47 (Unlimited Money)

Fps Shooting Strike Mod APK 1.47 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - December 19, 2021
Name Fps Shooting Strike: Gun Games
Version 1.47
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 73MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Mizo Studio Inc.
Update December 19, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

Enter the shooting wars in Fps Shooting Strike Mod. The player will become a gunman of the anti-terrorist force. Have a mission to destroy criminals in different areas. Complete the assigned task in the best way. This is an action shooting game, belonging to the genre of adventure games. Provided by the developer Mizo Studio Inc with many unique features. There are diverse environments, with 7 fierce battlefields. Recreated extremely realistic, thanks to sharp 3D graphics. Hundreds of unique levels of play, the difficulty will increase with each level. Even more attractive, when you can participate in solo mode and Death Team Match mode. With intense, dramatic shooting missions in each battle.

Download Fps Shooting Strike Mod – Join the War Against Terror

In the story mode of Fps Shooting Strike Mod. You will participate in the battles against terrorism, with more than 250 different levels of play. Each level takes place on an open battlefield. Your goal is to destroy the entire terrorist force to complete the mission. Using the equipped gun, you will have to attack accurately. The bullet hits the enemy to knock them down. Kill each enemy in turn until the required number is defeated. You will receive bonuses, corresponding to the level and achievement achieved. The system will then unlock a new level. Continue to participate in the next battlefield, the difficulty will be increased. The number of enemies that need to be destroyed is more than before. At the same time, their fighting ability is superior. Shooting skills are more accurate, making you more difficult.FPS Shooting Strike Mod

Solo mode and team match mode

In addition to the story mode, you can also participate in 2 different modes. Includes solo mode with other shooters and team deathmatch mode. These two modes are played online. Your enemies are not terrorists controlled by smart Al. Instead of online players, they are professional shooters. Coming to the solo mode of Fps Shooting Strike Mod. You and your opponent will compete on a battlefield. Show your shooting skills to find the winner. Especially when entering team match mode. The system will be divided into two factions, including the anti-terrorist faction and the terrorist faction. The battle takes place in real-time, with extremely intense attacks. After the time is up, the team with the highest number of kills will win.Download Fps Shooting Strike Mod

A gunman’s skill

During the battles of Fps Shooting Strike Mod. No matter which model you join, you must fight to survive. Therefore, shooting skills and experience on the battlefield are two very important factors. To be able to defeat the enemy requires precise shooting skills. In some situations, sometimes you will be surrounded by enemy forces. At this time, it is necessary to know how to make use of the surrounding environment. Observe the terrain, choose a safe hiding place, from which you can escape danger. At the same time, counterattack quickly, continuously firing accurate bullets at the enemy. Make them die before your gun. Not stopping there, at the location of those who lost their lives. You can collect new weapons to change the fighting style.Tai Fps Shooting Strike Mod

Gun system, learn thoroughly

Possessing a diverse weapon system, with many different types of guns. Fps Shooting Strike Mod allows you to freely explore. Can become a pioneer shooter or a ranged Sniper. Depending on your fighting style, you can choose a favorite gun. For example, AK guns, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Each type of gun is designed quite nicely. Expressed in the form of impressive designs and colors. The ability of each gun is not the same. To use them effectively, as well as exploit their full potential. Can through the battle to learn the pros and cons. Besides, to own the desired guns. You need to use the money to buy.Game Fps Shooting Strike Mod

Fps Shooting Strike Mod provides 7 different environments. It can be mentioned as desert area, town, ice city, … there are some other locations. Each area is an open battlefield, designed in 3D. The picture quality is sharp, extremely realistic. Not stopping there, the effect during the battle will increase the excitement. Shown through intense attacks, firing bullets. High-quality sound mix. The sound of guns, each type of gun has its own unique sound. Along with a voice sound every time you kill an enemy. The perfect combination of graphics and sound will create the most realistic battles.

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