Forward Assault Mod APK 1.2026 (Radar)
Forward Assault Mod APK 1.2026 (Radar)

Forward Assault Mod APK 1.2026 (Radar)

By BQH - March 14, 2022
Name Forward Assault
Version 1.2026
MOD Features Radar
Size 59MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Update March 14, 2022 (4 months ago )

Assault will meet these requirements. With a new fighting style, many attractive and special features. Promises to bring players a feeling of excitement and endless fun when experiencing. Gameplay is set when the world is constantly in wars for power and territory between evil organizations. Pushing the lives of good people into the tragedy of death and suffering. Here you will transform into a brave, intelligent, strong soldier. With a righteous heart ready to engage in a dangerous life-and-death battle. Prevent the bad situation that is happening, smash the conspiracy of the evil organizations, protect the peaceful life for mankind. This can be considered an extremely dangerous and challenging task. Because the enemy is extremely strong, numerous possess the most advanced and heavy weapons in the world. So, gather talented heroes together to make defeating them easier. And equip yourself with worthy weapons to help confidently fight. Enemies appear anytime, anywhere, attack the player at any time. Find yourself a safe, easily observed shelter. Using the gun in your hand, shoot down all enemies that appear in your field of vision. Practice regularly to master character control and improve your shooting skills with absolute precision.

Download Forward Assault Mod – Join the dramatic, eye-catching shooting war experience

Forward Assault Mod has easy-to-understand gameplay but requires combat skills as well as accurate aiming. Because the enemy is very crowded, constantly attacking with bullets like storms. You need to move faster than them, get the upper hand. Therefore, maneuvers to move, hide, and fire must all be decisive and sure. Shoot down all enemies that appear in your field of vision. Entering the war, the line between life and death is extremely thin. Players must always be decisive, alert, and think carefully before acting. And coordinate well with teammates, create clear and smart tactics. Remember, the danger does not only come from the bloody soldiers but the deadly traps are arranged around. Stay away from them as far as possible, because just touching is enough to make the player die, unfortunately. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible, help increase achievement points, and also receive generous bonuses. Freely unlock new characters, more advanced equipment. Collect precious items that appear along the way. This is an effective support tool to help players fight better. Conquer, complete all tasks assigned by the system to own valuable rewards and gifts.

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Weapons are an important factor determining victory or defeat in battle. Therefore, players will be provided with modern, highly destructive guns. For example Machine guns, rifles, shotguns, AK guns, sniper rifles, etc. And some melee weapons help players change their fighting style flexibly and continuously to suit each situation. Remember, each gun has a certain recoil, it takes regular practice to overcome the disadvantages and promote the advantages of each type. In addition, the system will provide the best body protection equipment. For example Bulletproof vest, hat, shoes, medicine, grenade, etc.

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Perform mission

When the game screen begins, it means that your senses must be active continuously. Because danger always strikes at any time, please observe carefully, move the character gently. Avoid revealing the location, attracting the attention of many incoming enemies, not being able to take down all of them at once. Always follow your teammates, get support from them, help improve survivability. Take part in competitive PvP matches against online players. This is an opportunity for you to learn, gain experience, and perfect your fighting skills. Try to overcome all opponents and win the highest position on the leaderboard, assert your name in this cruel world.

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The graphics of Forward Assault Mod are highly appreciated by gamers. Built with 3D configuration, 360-degree viewing angle so players can observe everything easily. All images are extremely sharp, with smooth character movements. Explosive lighting effects, stormy bullets, etc. Rich combat locations, many beautiful scenes that are equally as wild as the majesty. Impressive character design, the main outfit is the soldier’s blue color. Bringing a realistic feeling like reality to gamers. The sound is meticulously and carefully built, so you can clearly feel the enemy’s gunfire from far to near. Exciting background music makes players more excited to experience.

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Becoming a good marksman is the dream of many people. That’s why the shooter series seems to have occupied a certain position in the market. Forward Assault is no exception, with a unique and attractive fighting style. It will surely bring you moments of an unforgettable relaxing experience. Download Forward Assault Mod where shows the ultimate ability to aim, satisfy the passion for adventure.

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