Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod APK 2.6.45 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod APK 2.6.45 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod APK 2.6.45 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

By CBCC - August 4, 2022
Name Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free
Version 2.6.45
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Unlocked
Size 126MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games, Role Playing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre ,
Update August 4, 2022 (1 week ago )
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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod is a role-playing game genre published by Fun Games For Free. Players will enter a fascinating simulation world, with the task of controlling their aircraft to complete the mission. After a period of market launch, the game has attracted a lot of players.

So far the game has attracted more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play app. And get over 250,000 reviews from all over the world. Join the game you will become a talented pilot and discover many different types of aircraft. Besides, the Mod feature infinite stars will help you have the most interesting experience.

Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod – Control the Plane To Requested Location

The control of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod is quite simple and easy, even if you are a new player, you will quickly get used to it. To move the plane, the player needs to combine the operations in the most smooth way. By touching the screen and tilting, to change the angle of movement of the aircraft. During operation, the player needs to drag the toolbar on the right side of the screen from the bottom to help the aircraft launch and move to the runway.

After the plane has gained enough speed, tilt the screen upwards to start the plane taking off into the sky. Corresponding to the screen tilt, during the flight you can increase or decrease the altitude by tilting the screen up and down. And tilt the screen left, right to navigate the plane. When finally reaching the location to complete the mission,Game Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod

Aircraft system

Besides, in the process of controlling the plane to the final destination to complete the mission, you will be able to collect stars. They are used to unlock a variety of planes, so the more stars you accumulate, the better. That will increase your chances of owning a diverse fleet of aircraft. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod provides you with a lot of different types of aircraft.

Like Super Bong 747, Bong 747, Jet Fighter 18, Special Turbo 680, etc., and many more aircrafts waiting for you to discover. Each aircraft is individually designed and comes from famous brands in the world. They have realistic colors and shapes, especially inspired by actual aircraft to design.Tai Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod

Various missions

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod owns a diverse and attractive mission system. Take players to exciting adventures and discover new things. The player’s task is to control the plane to move to the required location. For example, overcoming obstacles, rescuing hostages being held, fighting fires, or even infiltrating an enemy base. Gradually over time, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. Therefore, you need to always hone and practice your skills in the best way. To be able to complete many different tasks.Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod

Graphics and sound design Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod

The graphics of the Hack Flight Pilot Simulator 3D are designed on a sharp 3D platform. The game has simulated planes in the most realistic way. And it is divided into many stages, from the operation, control, launch, take-off to landing, which are depicted truthfully. The background is meticulously elaborated to every detail, you can feel it when controlling the plane, flying in the vast sky. Together with vivid colors, make you feel closer. Combined with excellent sound quality, players can hear even the tiniest of activities. Examples include the sound of airplane engines, the sound of rolling on the runway, and even the sound of the wind in your ears.Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free, players will experience the exciting feature of infinite stars. Because Stars are very important in the game, it helps you unlock the planes. And used to shop as well as upgrade necessary things. Once you have downloaded the mod, you can unlock all your favorite planes, and create a diverse fleet of planes.

Especially the most detailed and realistic simulation game about aircraft control, giving players the most attractive experience. Download the game Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod to control the diverse aircraft system, and move to the required location to complete the mission.

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