Fishdom Mod APK 6.52.0 (Unlimited Money)
Fishdom Mod APK 6.52.0 (Unlimited Money)

Fishdom Mod APK 6.52.0 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - July 16, 2022
Name Fishdom
Version 6.52.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 145MB
Requires Android 4.2
Category Puzzle, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Playrix
Genre ,
Update July 16, 2022 (1 month ago )
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Fishdom mod is a puzzle game developed by Playrix with fairly simple gameplay that is a puzzle, also many games appear like this but this game is a little different than everything is based on. into the sea. In the game, you enter a world under the ocean, transform into a cute little fish, and build a water park from nothing into a fun place with all kinds of different fish. There are trees to make the landscape more beautiful. To be able to build it will require a cost to be able to buy, you need to participate in the game-changing boxes when on three identical tiles standing next to each other, you will be able to eat in special boxes. More special things happened.

Download Fishdom Mod – Intellectual Test

It can be seen in Fishdom Mod that the first two main parts are building and developing a park under the sea so that the fish can live and take care of them, making this park just for everyone to admire. just a home for fishes. The second part is the puzzle section, you can see that this game is like a legendary diamond puzzle, changing the positions of the tiles so that when there are three consecutive tiles standing next to each other, they will disappear and become points. The boxes all carry the same idea as the game scene is the image of the sea, but the star, the snail, or the squid are all too familiar when it comes to the sea.Game Fishdom Mod

At different levels of the game, there are also a few boxes of different colors, which are special boxes when eating those tiles that will help you on playing magic things that can be eaten. add tiles or increase the score. To add fun, there are also requirements to add more difficult to stimulate players such as eating items to a certain value, using your intelligence to calculate to see if there is water. Something that can help you eat more tiles continuously will have more turns for you, if you keep on like this you can win very quickly.

Other Games

Hack Fishdom will have more games, help you relax your mind, or make you not get bored when playing with a single game, playing another game along with other challenges while changing the landscape and possible. change in mood. Those are just simple challenges like rescuing the control fish so that they can get to the destination without any problems, avoiding dangerous obstacles, traps that cause you to lose your life, and changing the game. Playing just helps you get some money from this game so you can buy more decorations to buy trees, add fish, food for them to build up a park that is both beautiful and fun with a variety of fish species.Fishdom Mod

In-Game Graphics

The games in the form of puzzles, changing the eateries when they are the same in a row over three or more, they may appear too much, but Fishdom Mod has the difference that no game has, it is the image sunk deep in the ocean. Taking the creatures here as the main design, the new one can see the different fish or the image of a treasure chest in the sea, build yourself an aquarium, everything is shaped. According to the cartoon image, everything is close and cute.

Fishdom mod is a game to build a park under the ocean where different species of fish are cared for, making this park grow more and more beautiful with more trees or decorations. more shells, … So having money in the game is extremely necessary because every item in this game has to be charged, there are many very expensive items that cost a large amount of money. But do you see a change with this version, it has Unlimited Money, giving you an unlimited amount of money depending on you to use to buy whatever you like without having to struggle to play the game. , participate in strenuous jigsaw puzzles again.

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