Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod APK 1.9.2 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - September 25, 2021
Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod APK 1.9.2 (Unlimited Money)
Name Fashion Shop Tycoon
Version 1.7.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 164MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update September 25, 2021 (3 days ago )

Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod revolves around the story of the girl Olivia’s fashion store development. Joining the game, you will accompany Olivia throughout the operation at the store. As a store owner, your task is to manage employees. At the same time, find a way to turn the small store into a big, well-known fashion destination. Start by training an employee to run the job. Instruct them on the tasks that need to be done to serve customers thoughtfully. In addition to being a store owner, you also have to take on a management job. Collect money from customers through the clothes they have chosen. Upgrade store facilities to expand the business. Gradually you will become a rich owner, owning the largest fashion store in the city.

Download Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod – Develop Your Own Fashion Store

The game belongs to the simulation game genre, with time management gameplay according to each task in the fashion store. Your task is to serve the needs of customers with modern outfits. At the same time, do not let them wait too long, because that will make customers unhappy. Currently, the store in Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod is having promotions. Customers who buy any product at the store will be given a souvenir. It could be a necklace, or simply a balloon. However, each customer when entering the door will have certain patience. If their timeout runs out, the customer will automatically walk away. That means you can’t collect their money. As well as not being able to complete the progress of the game.Dowload Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod

Sales process, things to do

Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod simulates the sales process in detail for customers. As soon as customers walk in the door, they will search for their favorite outfit. After choosing, customers will move to the changing room to try on. While waiting for customers to change, you need to run to the staff table to distribute souvenirs. Take the customer’s favorite item and let them go down to the checkout. After successfully selling a fashion set to a customer. Your shop will receive gold coins corresponding to the price of the outfit sold. In addition to giving souvenirs to customers. You also have to clean the changing room to serve the guests who come later. Use the hammer at the end of the hallway to clean up and repair the used living room.Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod

Quest system, increasing difficulty

The task system of Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod is divided into different levels. At each level, you need to sell costumes to the specified number of customers. At the same time must earn a certain amount of money to complete the task. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually each time you step into the next level. This means that the number of customers that need to be sold and the amount of money earned will increase. Requires management skills of an owner, with the task of directing employees to work effectively. In parallel with that, the bonus you receive also increases. Help you upgrade the store’s facilities.Game Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod

Race against time, meet customer requirements

Time is one of the factors you need to pay attention to at Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod. Because each customer will have a certain weight in the process of buying clothes at the store. For example, when going to the changing room, waiting for souvenirs and waiting time to pay at the counter. After the first waiting period is over, they will feel uncomfortable. If you still do not meet their needs, surely after the 2nd timeout, they will leave. This will cause the revenue and the number of customers to be sold cannot to increase. It will even make you unable to complete the progress. Therefore, you need to observe the waiting time of each customer. Deal with requests from customers who come first. Combined with cleaning the changing room, helping customers try on their favorite outfits. Take the time they try on the costumes,Tai Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod

The store of Fashion Shop Tycoon Mod has all 3 members. Include a payer at the cashier desk. One as a souvenir to give to a customer. A runner, specializing in cleaning the changing rooms and distributing souvenirs to customers. Among them, the employee who runs the job is the one who has the hardest time. Having to do the work of running back and forth to race against customer timeouts. I am a store manager and owner. You need to have reasonable methods to meet the needs of customers. Because the difficulty increases gradually after each level, more and more customers will come. Without good management, everything at the store will become chaotic.

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