Exile Survival Mod APK (Menu, Immortal)
Exile Survival Mod APK (Menu, Immortal)

Exile Survival Mod APK (Menu, Immortal)

By CBCC - October 14, 2021
Name Exile Survival
MOD Features Menu, Immortal
Size 130MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Pride Games
Update October 14, 2021 (7 days ago )

Exile Survival Mod is an action game genre, with a survival style. Join the game, your task is to find every way to survive on the land of ancient Egypt. Facing the monsters, you need to defeat them to continue living. Besides, you also have to find food and food to maintain life. Collect materials such as wood and stone to build a shelter. Facing the harsh weather here, if you are not alert, you will easily lose your life. The game is designed with an expanded map, you can move anywhere without worrying about being limited.

Download Exile Survival Mod – Survival in the Land of Ancient Egypt

Exile Survival Mod was once the place where the wars of the Egyptian gods took place. The period lasted for thousands of years, causing all tribes to be severely affected. In the past, this land used to be inhabited and inhabited by many creatures. But it was quickly destroyed by that war, now only a barren desert. Most of the buildings and civilizations were destroyed. The rest of the tribes that were lucky to survive were not too many. Over thousands of years of war, creatures have also been greatly affected and evolved. Join the game, you transform into a warrior banished from the tribe. Roam around the lands, facing countless dangers to find a way to survive.Exile Survival Mod

Search for food and craft weapons

Your initial task is to find a food source to sustain life. Around the map of Exile Survival Mod, there are many different food sources. You can easily search for some food crops. Or collect materials to make weapons and participate in the hunt for wild animals. Choose the collected materials to serve for living, make some tools for cooking. During the search for food, some wild animals or strangers will appear. They will attack you at any time, if you find it dangerous, find a way to run away. No matter what happens, you must find a way to survive. Because if you lose your life, unfortunately, the game is considered over and you have to start over.Game Exile Survival Mod

Fight the wanderers

In Exile Survival Mod you are not the only survivor. So the chances of you encountering other wanderers are very high. But be very careful, they are ready to attack and steal the resources you are collecting. They will even kill you to achieve their goals. In particular, if you already have enough resources and a stable standard of living, they will invite more teammates to your rescue. It doesn’t matter, because you already have pre-made weapons. At this point, you need to calm down, use the weapon in your hand and fight all of them. Resolutely do not let the robbers attack and take away your possessions.Tai Exile Survival Mod

Build a base

In addition to fighting for survival, you need to build a base to rest. The land in Exile Survival Mod is extremely large. Environment, harsh climate and lots of danger around. Therefore, building a base is a necessity, not only to help you protect wild animals but also to facilitate travel. What’s more, building a small barracks will help you mark your territory. However, that only partially avoids the danger. The wanderers will find ways to take over the barracks and rob the treasures inside. If that happens, you need to defeat them to show your true power. Make those who want to attack the barracks will have to be wary.

Equip weapons, armor and learn skills

In a dangerous and harsh environment like Exile Survival Mod. Survival is a very difficult task, not only to compete with other players but also to find ways to protect yourself. Therefore, equipping warriors with weapons and armor is a very important thing. Your warrior can equip all 6 items. Includes weapon, shirt, pants, shoes, it, and arm armor. Each piece of equipment will help the warrior increase the amount of health, attack, and defense ability. Using an ax, for example, will increase a certain amount of damage on each attack. Pants, armor will increase the ability to withstand blows from the opponent. In addition, learning skills when reaching the required level will increase the combat ability of the warrior. Not only does the power increase, but also has special effects. Make it easy for your warrior to survive trials and dangersDownload Exile Survival Mod

No matter how strong you are, it will be difficult to survive alone in the world of Exile Survival Mod. So you can create a tribe and bring more teammates to join. At that time, you not only get support from many other players, but you can become the top leader. That makes it easy for your warrior to survive in the land of ancient Egypt and not be afraid of any enemies.

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