Evil Lands Mod APK 2.0.0 (Unlocked All)
Evil Lands Mod APK 2.0.0 (Unlocked All)

Evil Lands Mod APK 2.0.0 (Unlocked All)

By CBCC - November 22, 2021
Name Evil Lands: Online Action RPG
Version 2.0.0
MOD Features Unlock All
Size 165MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Rage Quit Games LLC
Update November 22, 2021 (1 week ago )

Evil Lands Mod is an epic fantasy RPG game. Opens up a set of the Dead Lands. Where monsters, dragons, and bosses are hiding. Are you ready to be the hero of the fantasy RPG? To begin the journey to destroy the fearsome dark creatures. Explore the forest occupied by the dark forces. A series of combat and survival missions for you to perform. Only battle and victory can bring freedom to the kingdom. In particular, this is an online game published by Rage Quit Games LLC. Takes you to multiplayer battles. Be accompanied by other heroes in an expansive fantasy world. With attractive fighting gameplay, and interesting game modes. Will help you be immersed in the war, which is known as the Land of the Dead.

Download Evil Lands Mod – Explore the Forest in the Journey of Survival

The setting of Evil Lands Mod opens in a large forest. This place also has another name, which is the Dead Land. Because this forest is full of dangers. Monsters appear everywhere. Your mission is to explore the jungle and survive in a harsh environment. Fight with dry skeletons, defeat monsters. Facing a giant boss, possessing outstanding fighting power. After killing the enemy, you will gain experience points. From there will reach new levels to unlock combat skills. Also, collect the items that appear on the way to develop yourself. Find and craft equipment to use for characters. Increase combat ability in skirmishes with enemies. Can survive fierce battles to continue to explore the forest.Evil Lands Mod

Meet players online

In the journey to explore the mysterious forest in Evil Lands Mod. You are not alone, will have the opportunity to meet other characters. They are online players, also in the process of adventure in the forest. Here, you can join them to form an alliance to perform tasks together. Explore multiple maps together in your quest to fight the forces of darkness. Explore the medieval kingdom, which is ravaged by demons. Adventure in the world known as the Evil Lands, like a dark prison. With a lot of attractive missions for you to perform with other players. You can even fight them in PvP battles to compete. From there will rank high and low to have the opportunity to stand on the online player rankings.Download Evil Lands Mod

Co-op mode and PvP battle

Evil Lands Mod provides 2 game modes including co-op and PvP combat. Coming to the cooperative mode, you will be immersed in historical battles. You can join forces with your teammates to raid the dark world. Attack monsters and fight giant bosses. Face the fearsome dragon, with the power of darkness. This helps you to complete the task quickly. Which one person can hardly do successfully. Besides, you can challenge yourself in PvP mode. Through teaming up to form a team. Challenge other players to compete. Find the ruler of the Evil Lands. No matter what mode you join. You all have to fight because only defeating the enemy can protect your life.Game Evil Lands Mod

Many heroes, upgrade combat ability

Coming to Evil Lands Mod you can role-play into many different heroes. Become a warrior, using the ax as a weapon. With strong physical combat skills. Transform into a witch, possessing magical abilities. Can attack enemies with magical skills. Or become an assassin, using the sharp sword in hand. Can perform agile attack skills. Besides being a hero, you need to equip items. Each hero has a lot of different items to equip. Includes weapons, armor, leg armor, hats, necklaces, and rings. Each piece of equipment used will increase the character’s combat stats. Not only that, but you also have to develop skills. By unlocking new skills when the character reaches a certain level.Tai Evil Lands Mod

The graphics of Evil Lands Mod are designed to be extremely realistic and vivid. According to the publisher’s introduction, the game’s graphics have never appeared in any MMORPG game before. As soon as you step into the fantasy world, an impressive scene appears before your eyes. With the environment recreated in a large forest. Or a new map you discover during your adventure in the Dead Lands. Along with combat effects in dramatic battles. Combined with the flexible movement of the character in the action.

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