European War 6: 1914 Mod APK 1.3.28 (Unlimited Money, Medals)

By CBCC - September 11, 2021
European War 6: 1914 Mod APK 1.3.28 (Unlimited Money, Medals)
Name European War 6: 1914
Version 1.3.28
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Medals
Size 116MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher EasyTech
Update September 11, 2021 (2 weeks ago )

As a strategy game with completely new gameplay with the historical storyline of World War I, it will surely give you a very interesting experience. European War 6: 1914 Mod is set in the first world war when steam and railway technology were on the rise at that time. When Europe is now in chaos with wars erupting everywhere, you will be playing the role of a country of your choice to start participating in this war. Return to history and battle with the primitive technology of that time, exciting battles are waiting for you to come and command the army of your country. As a strategy game that emphasizes creativity and the intelligent command of the player, a specific strategy will help you win the battles with ease.

Download European War 6: 1914 Mod – The War of European Countries

European War 6: 1914 Mod is set in the history of World War I when Europe is now becoming extremely chaotic with constant wars occurring throughout the countries. Dissatisfied with the colony and the desire to get more valuable things in other countries, wars were fought very dire on this continent. You will take on the role of the commander of a country of your choice, to begin this tough war. The countries will be divided into sides so that they can assist in the attacks. Use your wits to calculate smart moves and win battles. The world is now in chaos and all need to use force to solve it, the country now needs you to be able to command the army intelligently and skillfully.

The game begins

Join the battle in the era of steam technology is developing, the things you use in this war will also be very primitive and not as modern as it is now. Everything will be different, you need to get used to and adapt to everything in this new strategy game. Play as the commander of an entire country, fighting in many other countries and different fronts. You will need to come up with strategic plans and completely lead everything in the battles. As a strategy game of the mind, in European War 6: 1914 Mod, the victory will be based on the smart plans of each attack or defense that you give to the whole army. Everything is now waiting for your decision, the destiny of the country, as well as its allies on the same side, are counting on your own decisions.

Harmony and game features

The game is designed in the form of a map, we will fight and defend on a map that all share. On this map, you will control your troops moving to attack or return to defense, all of which are displayed on the screen of your phone. European War 6: 1914 Mod is a new strategy game designed under a 2D game graphics platform. There will be nothing too special about the graphics when the purpose of the game is to emphasize this exciting new gameplay. All details will be done in a way that is not too thoughtful and genuine, but also enough for you to experience the game without being too boring. The Cloud storage feature in the game will be very useful for you when you join the game with other devices.

Special features for you when downloading the Mod version of the European War 6: 1914 game, you will experience extremely useful features when participating in this game. To be able to exchange items in the game, you will need money to buy, money will be an indispensable thing in the military construction of each country. In this Mod version of this game, you will own an unlimited amount of money to spend freely. You will buy all that is useful for your army to become the most powerful without having to worry about the price, your money is now unlimited.

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