Escape from Shadow Mod APK 1.110 (Unlimited Money)
Escape from Shadow Mod APK 1.110 (Unlimited Money)

Escape from Shadow Mod APK 1.110 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - June 30, 2022
Name Escape from Shadow
Version 1.110
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 127MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher KODASK game
Genre ,
Update June 30, 2022 (2 days ago )

Are you ready to enter the fierce war for resources in Escape from Shadow Mod? This is an action game that combines shooting gameplay. The battles take place according to the story of the game. In the role of a mercenary. You will have to participate in dangerous battles. Takes place in an abandoned area where there is no light. In addition to combat missions for resources. You also have to fight to survive, only destroying the enemy can survive.

From there will have the opportunity to get rich thanks to the collected resources. As provided by the publisher, the new game was released on the mobile game market. However, all the features are still incomplete. Sometimes there will be some bugs or minor glitches, which can affect the gameplay.

Download Escape from Shadow Mod – The War Between Guns In The Dark Area

Escape from Shadow Mod’s battles takes place in a single game mode. Through online multiplayer mode. You will compete with other players in open battles. Equip guns that match your fighting style. Engage in action shooting wars to gather resources. Simultaneously survive in a harsh environment, lack of light. Especially, in the online multiplayer mode. You will enter the battles randomly. The same goes for other players. Through the automatic arrangement of the system. The gunmen will face each other in a dark area. Show survival skills by destroying all enemies. Be the last survivor to win.

Game Escape from Shadow Mod

The story takes place in the mysterious area

The story of Escape from Shadow Mod opens in an abandoned area on the ground. There is no light here, everything is in darkness. But it hides a large number of rare resources. However, not owned by any country in the world. This has created opportunities for many forces to want to make their own. The two biggest powers have claimed ownership of this mysterious area.

Causing a conflict of war to begin to unfold. Despite the danger in the midst of the conflict of the world’s two greatest powers. There are still a lot of forces involved. Teams of mercenaries run by the great powers began to function. With the aim of eliminating opponents to gain rich resources in the newly discovered area.

Tai Escape from Shadow Mod

Mission execution, dark environment

Coming to Escape from Shadow Mod you play as a mercenary. Belonging to the fighting force of one of the two great powers. There is a task to participate in the war in the dark area to collect resources. At the same time, this is also the battlefield. Mercenaries can appear out of nowhere from the shadows. For that, you need to remove the enemy from the area. By destroying all who appear.

As said earlier, this is an area that is underexposed. All activities take place in the dark. Through the laser light on the gun, a certain range can be observed. After killing all enemies, as well as collecting resources. You need to find the glowing door to leave. From there will complete the mission, continue to start a new war.

Escape from Shadow Mod

Various types of equipment and weapons

At Escape from Shadow Mod, the character is equipped with many different types of items. Includes helmet, armor, headset, backpack, main weapon, and secondary weapon. To get the desired equipment. You can either through crafting or buying it in the black market store. From there, it is possible to increase health and combat ability.

At the same time, the character’s appearance has also been changed. Besides, the game offers a diverse weapon system. With a lot of different guns to choose from. Use coins earned or through resource gathering quests. You can unlock many unique guns. Equip the character to change the fighting style.

Download Escape from Shadow Mod

Download Escape from Shadow Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

During the battle of Escape from Shadow Mod. Your character will lose health when hit by an enemy attack. Or you can break a bone, or even lose a part of your body. This will affect your health and ability to fight in subsequent missions. Therefore, you need to restore the character’s health, through the bunker.

Besides, in the bunker, you can craft the necessary equipment. By using the items collected during the quest. From there, it is possible to upgrade the character’s health. Increase combat ability to overcome tough challenges.

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