Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.4.35 (Free Shopping)
Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.4.35 (Free Shopping)

Empire Warriors Premium Mod APK 2.4.35 (Free Shopping)

By CMB - December 21, 2021
Name Empire Warriors Premium
Version 2.4.35
MOD Features Free shopping
Size 91MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher ZITGA
Update December 21, 2021 (4 weeks ago )

In the mobile game market, the strategy genre is currently quite popular with gamers. Because that’s where the player’s intelligence and creative strategies are shown in combat. Of all the games in that genre, the most attractive is Empire Warriors Premium. Here you will transform into a superhero, fight monsters to protect your kingdom. All the dark forces want to possess it. Because it is fertile land and has many valuable resources. The background and plot in the game are described in quite detail. Here you will transform into the hero Jave, fighting the dark Orcs to protect the king and princess, as well as all the people in the city. However, their power is very large, it is not easy to defeat. So equip yourself with the most powerful weapons and armor to start the battle. Train a large army to support when scouting. Whether this huge castle is safe and solid or not is all up to you.

Download Empire Warriors Premium Mod – Fight to protect the kingdom

Empire Warriors Premium Mod requires players to spend a lot of brainpower and intelligence. Because in order to fight the armies of darkness, it is necessary to plan in detail. Otherwise, the defensive city gates will be captured and we will completely lose that land. In addition, combat skills are also a very important factor. Join the system’s boss training feature to be able to control the weapon in the most flexible way. When fighting, we and the enemy each have the same number of defense towers corresponding to 2 colors. The team that destroys all of the opponent’s towers first will be the winner and capture a small area of ​​land. Every battle, a giant monster appeared. Do not spend too much energy on the small soldiers before. Instead, use all your strength to defeat the boss.

Empire Warriors Premium mod


To increase the damage when confronting the enemy. Try to earn a lot of diamonds from doing daily quests to upgrade my towers. Mastering a certain master, when fighting, will control and attack more flexibly. In addition, upgrading equipment and weapons for characters are also very important. Because armor will help reduce the attack force to a lighter, the amount of HP is also preserved. Guns or bows and arrows when leveling up, the damage they cause is also many times greater than normal. The defense towers should also be regularly upgraded and maintained because it helps us a lot in the game.

Empire Warriors Premium mod apk

Arranging defense towers

Tower defense is a very important thing to help protect the main stronghold of the kingdom. Their attacks are not too big, but in the process of fighting, if combined with our weapons, they will definitely defeat the enemy. Make plans and put them in the most reasonable place. However, if the player wants the defensive towers with greater power. Go to the system’s equipment shop. The price of a product is very expensive. Therefore, the accumulation of diamonds is very necessary to prevent emergencies. Because if not timely, our stronghold will very quickly be demolished.

Empire Warriors Premium mod


The character system in Empire Warriors Premium Mod is quite diverse. Each carries a different special feature. As long as they are used in the right place and control the energy source, they will surely show their greatest power. For example, there are characters who are only suitable for using guns and vice versa, swords, spears, and bows also need a reasonable choice. Gameplay has Endless modes or rankings of the world’s most powerful masters. Keep trying and practicing so that your character will be on that precious list.

Empire Warriors Premium mod apk

Is it possible to protect the kingdom and its inhabitants? All remember your hard work and efforts. Don’t back down until the very last moment. Defeat all enemies and dark forces that want to invade this land. Come up with reasonable tactics to make the most of all abilities without spending too much energy. Accumulate the highest amount of health to fight the giant boss. Become a hero with boundless strength, topping the world rankings. Download Empire Warriors Premium Mod to rescue.

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