Elroi: Defense War Mod APK 1.17.06 (Unlimited Summons)
Elroi: Defense War Mod APK 1.17.06 (Unlimited Summons)

Elroi: Defense War Mod APK 1.17.06 (Unlimited Summons)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Elroi : Defense War
Version 1.17.06
MOD Features Unlimited Summons
Size 198MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Ninetap
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Join the adventurous adventure in the game Elroi: Defense War Mod. Your mission is to discover new mysterious lands. Fight with giant monsters and minions. Overcome challenges in battles, with many different levels of play. Recruit heroes to form a powerful army. The gameplay of the game takes place in an attractive tower defense style. Make it easy for all players to experience. You can even get acquainted right from the first match. This is a strategy game, combining the beautiful RPG tower defense genre. Recreated in battles with vivid 3D graphics. Taking place in many different regions. Help players are immersed in the dramatic arena, the tension of the time.

Download Elroi: Defense War Mod – Recruit Heroes to Join Wars

Elroi: Defense War Mod opens more than 500 attractive levels. Each level is an arena, where the battle between you and the monster takes place. With tower defense gameplay, your mission is to use hero cards. Recruit them to appear in the arena to attack opponents. Likewise, the enemy can recruit minions to attack. The battle is extremely dramatic, requiring smart tactics. After your side or enemy tower is attacked, run out of health. The other side will win. To be able to continue to step to the next level. You need to destroy the opponent’s tower in the previous battle. At the same time, the challenge will become more and more difficult each time you enter a new level. Not only the number of minions is more than before. But also appeared many new enemies, superior abilities.Elroi Defense War Mod

Summoning Energy, Special Weapon

During the tower defense battles of Elroi: Defense War Mod. You need to pay attention to resource energy. Because this is one of the main factors that determine the outcome of the battle. Resource energy is used to summon heroes. Each hero will consume a separate amount of resources. Depending on the combat ability, the hero with superior strength will need more resources. Combined with smart tactics. Observe the ongoing situation to summon the appropriate hero. Besides, your tower can also support combat. Through special skills, it is possible to attack large areas with high damage. Easily kill minions or make enemy towers suffer a lot of health reduction. However, after each use, it will take a while to recover.Game Elroi Defense War Mod

Battle with the boss

Pass each level in turn, winning the battles. After reaching a certain level, you will have to fight the boss. The battle with the boss takes place in a completely new way. Instead of attacking the tower stood motionless in place. You will have to summon heroes to attack the moving boss. Followed by the minions, causing the heroes to face many difficulties. Through battles to discover mysterious lands. You will encounter many different types of bosses. Monsters, robots… and more. Each type of boss not only possesses the outstanding fighting ability, strong defense. It also has a huge size, along with a large amount of blood. To be able to defeat the boss requires you to combine many factors. From tactics, summon many heroes, to special weapons.Elroi Defense War Mod

Hero system, power stats

Heroes in Elroi: Defense War Mod are very diverse. Typically like the archer Luna, the executioner Kupi, the gladiator Vinanklaus, the shaman Kuijung, etc. There are many different heroes for you to recruit. Each hero has its own fighting power, different attack styles. Their ability is also shown through the stats. Includes health, damage, defense, attack speed, movement speed, time, mana. The hero system is divided into many different ranks. Through the number of stars, up to 5 stars. At the same time, you can upgrade the hero’s level to increase the fighting ability. Use the earned money, help the hero reach new levels. As well as recruiting heroes with the highest star rank. From there it is possible to create a strong team of warriors. Bosses can be defeated in tower defense battles.Download Elroi Defense War Mod

Go through tower defense battles. Fight bosses in the mysterious lands of Elroi: Defense War Mod. After winning, you will receive many attractive rewards. Includes gold coins, diamonds, and publications. Diamonds are used to recruit heroes. Gold coins can be used to upgrade strength, increase the level. Publications are used to participate in new battles. Win each battle in turn. You will receive a lot of valuable rewards. From there it is possible to conquer mysterious lands.

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