EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 APK 1.11.01
EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 APK 1.11.01

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 APK 1.11.01

By CBCC - July 2, 2022
Name EA SPORTS™ UFC® Mobile 2
Version 1.11.01
MOD Features N/A
Size 85MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games, Sport
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update July 2, 2022 (1 month ago )
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EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod belongs to the sports game genre. Designed with the ultimate action RPG gameplay. Here, you can participate in more attractive MMA matches than ever before. Tense, suspenseful, and of course indispensable drama. With realistic simulated matches, from the action to the skills of each fighter. Throughout the competition period with the most powerful and powerful attacks. Following the previous version, the game has been updated by the developer ELECTRONIC ARTS with many new features. The fighters, the ability to compete, as well as the melee have been updated. Besides competing in Al mode, you can participate in online matches. Compete against online opponents around the world. They are all talented boxers with extensive experience in the ring.

Download EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod – Experience the Ultimate MMA Battles

It can be said that the graphics of EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod is one of the most outstanding elements provided by ELECTRONIC ARTS. The image is sharp, recreating the actual context of the boxers on the stage. Use simulated sound to simulate the cheers and cheers of the fans outside. Especially the impressively designed attack effects. Each attack is combined with extremely flexible character movements. Not only that, the moment of the end of the match is recreated in slow motion. For example, at the end of the match, your last attack that knocked the opponent out will be replayed. With a slow and sharp angle, you can feel the stunning blow that knocks your opponent down. Finally, create an impressive character. The fighters are depicted very realistically, from the face, muscles, to facial expressions.Dowload EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod

Flexible gameplay, skills

Each match of EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod takes place in 1vs1 style. Two boxers will compete in the ring. Use all your skills to attack your opponent. There are no rules, no referees, the game takes place in a free form. The fight only ends when one of the boxers is defeated. Unable to get up to continue playing. During the match. You need to combine many elements to make the most accurate and powerful attacks. Deals massive damage to opponents, causing them to lose as much health as possible. Observe the opponent’s actions, quick reflexes to dodge. Also, move flexibly to make it impossible for your opponent to judge your next move. Attack with straight punches or hook jaws with the most accuracy. Cause the opponent to be defeated, then, you will win.EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod

Game mode

To create the most attractive matches, exclusively for players. EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod offers a bunch of different modes. Includes campaign mode, raid, clan mode, and live event mode. Each mode when participating has its own gameplay and rules. Typically, in the campaign mode, you need to defeat each opponent, in turn, to move on to the next match. At the same time, the difficulty will be increased. Or enter the event mode. You are competing in the fiercest tournament on the planet. Your opponents are online fighters from all over the world. Each match was extremely tense and dramatic. At the same time, this mode will directly eliminate the defeated boxers. If you want to win, you need to beat all the fighters participating in the tournament. No matter which model you join, your opponent is very strong. You need to improve your skills,Game EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod

Lots of famous martial artists can upgrade them

In EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod there are many different fighters for you to experience. With familiar names like Jung, Markos, Adesanya, Torres, Gustafsson, etc. Each boxer is designed with an extremely realistic appearance, they are all top famous fighters in MMA. Possessing different strengths, skills, health, and ability to compete. You can choose a favorite boxer to participate in dramatic matches. At the same time, upgrading boxers will help them increase their fighting ability stronger. However, you need to use the money to upgrade. Accumulate bonuses from previous matches, upgrade strength for boxers. From there, the win rate in each match will be increased. However, skill is still the main factor, deciding the outcome of the match.Tai EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod

After the end of each match, EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod will be based on your achievements during the competition. Attack, defense, health, and time. Based on those 4 criteria, the system will reward you with a corresponding amount. Over time, the difficulty increases, as does your achievement. The bonus you get will be more than before. At that time, you can unlock new boxers.

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