Dungeon Tales Mod APK 2.26 (Unlock cards, warlock class)
Dungeon Tales Mod APK 2.26 (Unlock cards, warlock class)

Dungeon Tales Mod APK 2.26 (Unlock cards, warlock class)

By CMB - January 1, 2022
Name Dungeon Tales: RPG Card Game & Roguelike Battles
Version 2.26
MOD Features Unlock card, warlock class
Size 48MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Homecooked Games
Update January 1, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Dungeon Tales is inspired by horror movies in dark dungeons. Participating in gameplay, players are tasked with destroying them, while collecting cards. Here dangerous traps appear anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the power of monsters cannot be underestimated. They can take your life at any time if you are not careful. To deal with monsters, players will have special powers. And armed with weapons, Thorough protective gear. Make you confident, ready for fierce battles. The gameplay is quite complicated and difficult to understand. But when you have experienced the first levels, you will quickly understand it and maybe addicted. Practice hard to improve your skills and create your own fighting style. Fight against those powerful monsters, not only using the available power. But also to have methodical and sophisticated tactics along with combat weapons. Will help you defeat them easily. Collect the cards that appear along the way. Because it will be an effective tool to help improve the player’s performance.

Download Dungeon Tales Mod – Heroic warriors defeat all monsters

Dungeon Tales Mod will be very suitable for gamers who are passionate about the strategy genre. You will be free to create strategies and quick tips. Create beautiful combos. Victory or defeat is up to the player himself. You will move your character using the on-screen controller. Touch and tap so that the character can change moves continuously. Try to destroy and consume enemy forces. To receive worthy rewards and attractive gifts. In the war, there will be no mercy for the weak. Prove to the monsters that you are their enemy. It will somewhat overwhelm the fighting spirit of the monster. Collecting valuable items along the way will help you go further in the gameplay. In addition to the ability to fight, players also have to be very sophisticated to find out where to hide cards. And use them most effectively.

Dungeon Tales mod

Various cards

The cards in Dungeon Tales Mod were scattered everywhere. Your search will be easier when you defeat the terrible monsters. At that time, a card will appear and it is yours. Before using it, learn its function. Let it not become useless, regrettable. Gameplay has an infinite number of cards and each type will have its own function. For example Heal, spitfire, increase attack speed, defense, etc. Having them in hand, you can change the outcome of the battle. There will be no fear of any opponent. Collect all the cards and become the strongest in this gameplay.

Dungeon Tales mod hack game

A fierce battle with monsters

Your enemies always appear anytime, anywhere. They will attack at any time. In this gameplay, there are countless monsters. There will be species that only need a few slashes to destroy their bodies. But there will be big monsters, horror, and terrible power. To destroy them is not simple at all. During combat, unleash unique moves. Make them unable to counterattack. Trying to get the upper hand from the start will help you take down your opponent quickly and without much effort. Each character in the game has a 1 HP bar. Players will promptly heal their characters, avoiding fighting too much will have to sacrifice.

Dungeon Tales game mod

Attractive rewards

The player’s dungeon journey is extremely arduous. A difficult task, many times will make you discouraged and want to give up. But the publisher will not let that happen. Because players will receive extremely large bonuses, along with valuable gifts. Will excite and motivate you to keep moving forward. Endless efforts and efforts will never be in vain. After each game screen, you will be given a card to improve your power. In addition, there will be the opportunity to own the best weapons along with solid, sturdy armor. Help you kill big monsters easier and faster. Defend your body against enemy attacks.

Graphics and Sound

3D graphic design will give players the most realistic experience. The characters in the game are designed in an extremely cute cartoon style. Will attract more players. Rich and dynamic sound. Because of the screams, roars of monsters, and screams when the character attacks. Dramatic, vibrant background music cheers up the fighting spirit for players. The colors in the game are quite dark and scary. To simulate the scene of a realistic dungeon. Highlight your character’s unique skin. Effects in the game are also meticulously cared for. So that when the character uses the move, impressive effects will appear.

Dungeon Tales mod apk

Dungeon Tales participate in fierce battles with giant monsters. Satisfy your passion for adventure, explore dangerous locations. Complete quests and get unique cards. Experiencing battles, facing tough challenges. Will help you improve your combat skills as well as your ability to survive in extreme conditions. Download Dungeon Tales Mod destroy monsters, become the strongest and survivor to the end of the tunnel, show the fighting talent of a true hero.

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