Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK 1.10.541 (Unlimited Money)
Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK 1.10.541 (Unlimited Money)

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod APK 1.10.541 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - November 25, 2021
Name Dungeon: Age of Heroes
Version 1.10.541
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 101MB
Requires Android 8.0
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher 4fan studio games
Update November 25, 2021 (4 days ago )

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod opens fierce battles in dungeons. Role-play as a hero to enter the dramatic adventure. With extensive combat gameplay, the hero can freely move anywhere. Can fight in his own style. As well as develop your own strength to go deeper into the dungeon. Not stopping there, you will explore many different dungeons in a fantasy world. With a lot of tasks to perform, provided by the development company 4fan studio games. Challenges and difficulties are waiting for you ahead. Only fighting and constantly improving skills can protect themselves. As well as completing the mission. The game promises to bring you an exciting dungeon adventure.

Download Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod – The War to Protect the Kingdom of Jatran

Background of Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod opens in the kingdom of Jatran. This place is a mysterious land, with a lot of things being hidden. The kingdom is standing on the edge of doom because it has been ruined in every way. It is also because of this that the Evil shadow physicality appeared. They brought monsters from hell to invade. Seeing this danger could destroy the entire civilization of the kingdom. The heroes gathered as a team and stood up to fight together. Challenge the forces of darkness to unleash dungeon wars. With the aim of destroying all the monsters on a difficult journey. Stop the invasion of Evil forces to protect the kingdom.Game Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

The heroes

In Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod, there is not only one hero. There are 4 heroes including warrior, archer, mage, and forger. Each hero has his own fighting style. They possess unique skills, use special weapons. Can attack all enemies with his own ability. For example, magicians possessing magical power can attack enemies with flames. Or archers use a bow, with the advantage of ranged attacks. Shooting arrows at enemies deals massive damage. However, each hero also has its own downside. You need to learn the strength of each hero to exploit their abilities effectively. Over time, the strength of the heroes will be developed. From there it is possible to proceed deeper into the dark dungeon.Tai Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Lots of enemies, boss fights

In the adventure of heroes at the dungeon of Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod. They will have to face many different enemies. Includes giant rats, skeletons, zombies, goblins, raven demons, rat goblins, and more. Each enemy is equipped with its own weapons, along with impressive abilities. Can attack, cause you to lose blood, maybe even lose your life if you are not careful. For example, a skeleton uses an ax, a zombie uses a bow and arrow as a weapon. Not stopping there, the above enemies are just ordinary monsters. To be able to complete the mission, you will have to fight the boss behind. In the last stage of the dungeon, a giant boss will appear. Possessing a large amount of blood, outstanding combat ability. Make you meet a lot of difficulties to be able to defeat.Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Gameplay, collect money

The gameplay of Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is designed to be expanded. You play as a hero to enter the dungeon war. Fight the enemies you encounter, defeat them to advance deeper into the dungeon. Take turns passing the monsters will enter the battle with the boss. Use your hero’s personal skills to attack in your own style. From there will defeat the boss to complete the mission. At the same time get a lot of loot. Continue on to the next battle. With the increased difficulty, the abilities of the monsters also surpassed before. During the battle, you also have the opportunity to collect gold coins. They appear in several locations in the dungeon. After moving to pick up, you will earn a lot of money.Download Dungeon Age of Heroes Mod

Dungeon: Age of Heroes Mod is a classic RPG game. Mixed elements of adventure, role-playing, action. Takes you to the battles in the dark dungeon. Face a lot of scary monsters. Not stopping there, overcome the difficult challenges in the dungeon. You can enter the wars in a new environment. Typical such as the forest, the city, the crypt, and the dark castle, meet the sinister people. Be careful in all situations, because you may fall into a deadly trap created by them. In particular, as the publisher provides, they will also update with new features. Add more monsters and items for an impressive battle experience.

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