Drive Ahead! Sports MOD APK 2.20.7 (Unlimited Money)
Drive Ahead! Sports MOD APK 2.20.7 (Unlimited Money)

Drive Ahead! Sports MOD APK 2.20.7 (Unlimited Money)

By thiendi01 - August 20, 2022
Name Drive Ahead! Sports
Version 2.20.7
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 75.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4, iOS 9.0+
Category Games, Racing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Dodreams Ltd.
Genre ,
Update August 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago )
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Drive Ahead! Sports MOD is a sports racing game from the manufacturer Dodreams. In the game, you don’t race, but you crash your bike into the opponent’s car, whoever falls and spins is the one who loses.

Introducing Drive Ahead! Sports MOD

Drive Ahead! Sports mod: Play tramcars like in playgrounds for children!

I inherently possess an outstanding love for sports games. It’s probably because it’s rare in real life to really play any kind of movement for long and crazy, so all the love for sports is devoted to the game. The other day when I was interested in racing, I scrolled through Google Play to see if there were any interesting suggestions. Then see the game Drive Ahead ! This sport.

Drive Ahead! Sports
Introducing Drive Ahead! Sports mod

The logo is not very impressive, even in the normal form with today’s 3D graphics racing games. However, the very short introduction is very heart-wrenching. Nothing that catches my eye is the advertising line Fashionista-On-Wheel, Anyone?. It sounds both a greeting and a challenge. But do you understand, between the posters with these tags it is full of contradictions.

So the blood of war and the blood of curiosity in my body surfaced, I immediately downloaded and played it to see what was in it that advertised so badly.

A car crash game

Must call Drive Ahead! Sports mod is a car crash game. Oh everyone’s childhood favorite game. How can I forget the feeling of squatting in a small car, holding the steering wheel to chase my accomplices to bump into their butt, head, body … their car.

Do you still remember that feeling, I don’t. It belongs to the comfortable performance of childhood days already. So when the first level was revealed, I started playing without hesitation and then forgot my dinner.

A game of blood

Not epic cars that apply 3D, magnificent, shiny, speeding on beautiful roads. There are also no cool drivers wearing trendy helmets. Odd. Instead of that pretentious racing, in Drive Ahead ! Sports, we will control our car to crash a series of other players, the more you hit the more points you get, at the end of the time whoever has more points wins, or as I said from the beginning, whoever falls first is lost.

How to play

In this game, we will be provided with two virtual buttons below the left and right of the screen. Just press this to be able to control the car to jump forward and backward. Just like that, depending on the context. Besides, there is absolutely no need to add any other gestures or buttons.

Game Mode

In Drive Ahead! Sports mod has 2 game modes: Single against the game’s AI and Multiplayer to fight with friends or other players. Either way, many things happen the same, the only difference is that the name of the round or contest and the playing situation will also appear different, the rest of the car crashes are still a crash.


In the first game we will be able to choose a vehicle. There are different types of vehicles from four-wheelers to two-wheelers or dragon riding is quite muddy, But there are not too many models. But actually the feeling when playing is really the basis of all the excitement and addiction of this game, so what is a beautiful car.

Drive Ahead! Sports

What is your job?

The next job you have to do at the start of the game is to score 5 points before the opponent. You can use all sorts of ways, touching, hitting, hitting the opponent’s car or even jumping on him. And remember that you have the ability to choose your opponent so that the battle happens really evenly. 

Also do not choose Sudden Death mode when you are not really fully prepared or capable of being a silk driver in the game, because in this mode, the game will add countless difficult challenges sometimes surrounding obstacles, which can prevent collisions with enemy vehicles and make you easily angry.

You wonder what that obstacle is? Well, it’s just fog, a few bonfires burning on the steering wheel, or a few big saw blades on the road that touch the game over immediately. And if anyone has trusted themselves with their own talents… Please.


Up to this point, you still think that the road of life will be as smooth as the tram game when you were a kid. Of course not, at least in the game Drive Ahead ! This sport. The terrain of each game screen is not too similar. And definitely not a square playground, straight flat surface for you to just walk up to and touch them. No, that’s not it.


The levels in Drive Ahead ! Sports can be any shape, circle, oval, cube, polygon, interior, air, bridge, cloud ride… A total of the most fancy shapes you haven’t seen yet. Come to think of it, there’s quite enough in this game.

There are also various types of physical interactions, collisions between your car and the opponent’s car, Each type gives a different level of points and damage. So to say first is the easiest type of play ever, but the further the difficulty, beware.

Drive Ahead! Sports

And because of these difficult terrains, you need to be very careful with the ups and downs, bouncing things. Because it only takes a small mistake to be able to plummet without braking and explode on the floor amidst cheers of encouragement.

If the car crashes, it’s easy to crash, but if it crashes for a while or falls to the floor from above, it will also be scattered as usual.


As I said earlier, we will need to score 5 goals (equivalent to 5 superstars). The thinking is that just winning 3 consecutive goals is to win the game. The reward after each round will become gold coins. This money is used to unlock new, faster, stronger and more powerful vehicles.

Money also helps strengthen each of the following items: Speed, Mass and Handling, with a maximum level of 75.

The more assets you own, the better you will be, especially in the battlefields with locations. great difficulty with many obstacles.

Image and sound

Drive Ahead ! Sports using Pixel images couldn’t be more unique. You can’t complain about the visuals of this game because pixels do what they do. So what you should focus on is really the track and the interactive effects, encounters, or explosive phases in the game.

And about this array, Drive Ahead ! Sports do extremely well. The effects are eye-catching, pleasing to the ears, and the highlight is extremely exciting and beautiful.

What is Genre Drive Ahead! Sports?

Sports theme is always a favorite of all ages, here Drive Ahead! Sports car crashes are great.

Can play offline mode in Drive Ahead! Sports?

How we were able to play this game when we were children, now imagine it like that. Always support in Offline mode.

Where is download Drive Ahead! Sports MOD?

At LMHMOD page available Sports games can be downloaded more numbers like: Idle Five Basketball, Basketball Battle , Vive le Football

Download Drive Ahead! Sports MOD for Android

What’s better than after a tiring day to satisfy your own passion for sports .Game Drive Ahead ! Sports will help you satisfy your passion in your spare time. Download Drive Ahead ! Sports and feel this car sport

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