Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod APK 1.61.17 (Unlimited Runes)
Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod APK 1.61.17 (Unlimited Runes)

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod APK 1.61.17 (Unlimited Runes)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
Version 1.61.17
MOD Features Unlimited Runes
Size 91MB
Requires Android 5.1
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Ludia Inc.
Update March 13, 2022 (3 months ago )

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod is a simulation game released by Ludia Inc, with an interesting dragon training style. Inspired by the animated 3D cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. The scene takes place in the Viking land with dragons possessing special powers. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms to help players easily access, and download for free. Only on Google Play, since its launch, it has attracted more than 50 million downloads and received more than 235 thousand reviews from all over the world. Besides, when you install the Mod version of infinite runes on our site, you will have the most engaging experience.

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod – Fight With Dragon Hunter

Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod has a fascinating story about the Vikings and dragons. Previously to prove themselves a grown man of the Viking clan, they had to kill dragons to prove it. Gradually that tradition became more and more ruthless, with the arrival of the young Hiccup who was the son of the patriarch. He has helped people and humans to live together, by reconciling unnecessary misunderstandings. Besides that there were some elements that didn’t accept it, so they still hunted dragons even though it was forbidden. Unfortunately in one time exploring the mysterious land of Toothless, Hiccup has encountered a flood of dragon hunters. Their leader is the wanted villain Drago, he and his comrades have followed the footsteps and find the peaceful land of Berk.Game Dragons Rise of Berk Mod

Attractive plot

A dangerous and urgent situation can lead to chaos in the land of Berk or even destruction by the named Drago. You will play the role of Hiccup guy with the mission to neutralize the dangers of this peaceful land and fight with hordes of dragon hunters. First, players start with collecting and training dragons, because they are the force for you to fight Drago’s army. However, when joining Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod the dragons will not appear at first. Your mission is to explore different lands to collect dragons and hatch them to bloom.Dragons Rise of Berk Mod APK

Nurturing and developing dragons

After successful incubation, players can arrange a suitable location on the island of Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod. Next, you need to use food to nurture and develop them into healthy dragons. Their favorite food is fresh fish, and over time they will grow and be shown through leveling up. As every level of dragons increases, they will have new abilities. For example: go fishing yourself, increase your ability to fight, or even gather resources for the island. Besides, players can go further through upgrading their dragon to grow. Then you will have more opportunities to collect new dragons.Dragons Rise of Berk Mod

More than 400 types of dragons

For players to have new experiences, Hack Dragons: Rise of Berk gives you more than 400 different dragons. They are all inspired by How to Train Your Dragon, which will bring you closer. Each dragon has its own shape and ability to fight, especially they possess unique powers such as fire, water, ice, wind, … Besides, the game also owns more than 75 different species of dragons. From different nightmares to murderous demons. However, the main character of the game is still Toothless, so you need to upgrade your power and develop your ability to search for it.Tai Dragons Rise of Berk Mod

Building upgrading

Not stopping there, players need to upgrade Berk to expand the area as well as accommodate more dragon species for later. Along with that, the upgrade in Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod will have requirements that need to be met. Owning two main buildings including Meade Hall and Academy, they are the source of factors that directly affect your dragon’s upgrade problem. For example, if you leave those two buildings intact without upgrading, your dragons can only upgrade to level 12. For players to be more convenient in upgrading, the system will have announcements at appropriate times. If the Academy reaches a certain level, Meade will be required by the system to upgrade. Or when Berk has collected a sufficient number of Vikings House, the Academy will be upgraded.Tai Dragons Rise of Berk Mod APK

Complete mission

Your task is to train and develop dragons with the main purpose of bringing them to the arena, to participate in the fight with the beasts that hunt dragons illegally. Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod brings the team to play with turn-based combat style, along with tactical force arrangement. When you start entering the war, your task is to choose the unique skills of the dragons and find targets to attack. In addition, players can unleash more than 60 other mysterious islands throughout the Viking territory. Each island hides powerful treasures and dragons, as well as rich resources.Dow Dragons Rise of Berk Mod

Graphic design

Graphics of Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod is designed under sharp 3D, giving players a sense of excitement when participating. The image is meticulously elaborated to every detail, which you can feel through the works on the island, along with the fascinating battle scene. Besides, creating attractive characters with dragons designed vividly, with flexible and rhythmic movements. Combined with the skill effect of the game, shown through fierce battles will bring you more excitement.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Dragons: Rise of Berk players will experience the most interesting things with infinite runes. This is an advantage for you to develop your dragons to become stronger, and develop their combat skills and levels. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download game Dragons: Rise of Berk Mod to explore the mysterious islands with his dragons. Specially complete the goal of defeating those who want to hunt dragons.

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