Dragon City Mobile Mod APK 22.3.3 (Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage)
Dragon City Mobile Mod APK 22.3.3 (Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage)

Dragon City Mobile Mod APK 22.3.3 (Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage)

By CBCC - May 26, 2022
Name Dragon City Mobile
Version 22.3.3
MOD Features Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage, One Hit
Size 153MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Socialpoint
Genre ,
Update May 26, 2022 (1 month ago )

Dragon City Mobile Mod is a simulation game, bringing players to the world of dragons. Powered by developer Socialpoint, your mission is to collect and train adult dragons. More specifically, you will become a master of training dragons and bring them to participate in dramatic battles. Not stopping there, players can build a dragon kingdom on the floating island. And discover many mysterious stories behind it. This is a game developed on mobile platforms, requiring your device to use Android 4.4 or a higher operating system.

Download Dragon City Mobile Mod – Become a Dragon Trainer Master

The scene takes place on islands that are floating in the vast sky. This is where the legendary dragons live. The player’s task is to build a mighty dragon kingdom and develop unique dragons. Here Dragon City Mobile Mod provides you with a lot of different constructions. From the arena, the farm to the breeding room. Along with that, the system gives you a gold coin, apple, and purple diamond. For you to start the process of building and developing the dragon kingdom. As soon as you enter the game, the system will guide you in detail. At first, you can buy an earth-type dragon egg, then incubate it to hatch into a very cute baby dragon. Next, the player will use the amount of food available, to help his dragon increase the level.Dragon City Mobile Mod

Complete mission

In the process of playing Dragon City Mobile Mod, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. In particular, players need to nurture dragons for them to grow up. Then participate in the battles, to earn money and experience. In the beginning, your task is quite simple. Just build and follow what the game requires, and win the war very easily. However, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually according to your development level. That means you will get more valuable rewards. In addition, your enemies are dragons with outstanding strength. You need to defeat the entire enemy squad to win. In addition, every day when you log into the game, remember to take attendance to receive many attractive rewards.Tai Dragon City Mobile Mod

Attractive gameplay

Dragon City Mobile Mod game is designed with turn-based attack gameplay. This is a huge advantage so that you can fully exploit the dragon’s fighting ability. During the battle, you will have the task of choosing the right skills. Help your dragon use skills and attack enemies with high damage. Besides, players need to observe the actual situation and come up with smart tactics, with each attack turn. Each dragon will bring a different element. Especially in the match, those elements are very important conditions for you to win. If the player does not know how to use tactics and understand the elements. It will be very easy to defeat and lose. For example in battle, when it’s your turn to attack. If the enemy is fire-type power, you can change to the water-type dragon.Download Dragon City Mobile Mod

Diverse dragon system

Besides, Dragon City Mobile Mod provides players with more than 1000 different dragon species. For example Arid Dragon, Banana Dragon, Cherimoya Dragon, Nice Dragon, Venom Dragon, etc. And many other diverse dragon species are waiting for you to discover. In particular, players can name each dragon according to their preferences. Besides, the system will divide the dragon into many different elements. Includes fire, earth, water, lightning, dark and light systems. Players need to know how to use the elements in the match, to achieve high results. In addition, players can develop their dragon’s strength. Here each dragon has a maximum of 5 stars, you need to collect materials to upgrade. Not stopping there, going through the battle your dragon will gain experience points and level up. After completing the quest, you will get gold,Dragon City Mobile Mod

In Dragon City Mobile Mod there are two currencies, including gold and purple diamonds. Gold is used to shop and unlock buildings, as well as to buy food for dragons. Purple diamonds are the more advanced currency, they are used to speed up your dragon’s evolution. Or shorten the waiting time every time you upgrade a building. Especially the graphics of the game are designed extremely sharp, with a unique interface. The shapes of the dragons are depicted in detail, with unique powers and shapes. Combined with vivid sound quality, expressed through each fun and exciting soundtrack.

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