Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.53 (Get Free Rewards)
Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.53 (Get Free Rewards)

Drag Battle 2 Mod APK 0.99.53 (Get Free Rewards)

By CBCC - July 13, 2022
Name Drag Battle 2: Race Wars
Version 0.99.53
MOD Features Free Rewards
Size 169MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Games, Racing
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Price FREE
Publisher Ice Storm
Genre ,
Update July 13, 2022 (4 weeks ago )
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Become a professional racing driver, Drag Battle 2 Mod will take you to participate in city races. The game is produced by Ice Storm, with an attractive racing style. You are at the wheel of a racing car, with the task of overcoming all opponents to win. The game was born for speed enthusiasts.

Even better, players will experience a lot of unique racing cars. It is even possible to upgrade and change the color of the vehicle, creating a striking appearance. In particular, you can rely on practical knowledge to create a racing car with strong performance.

Download Drag Battle 2 Mod – Adjust Racing Cars And Participate In Exciting Races

Although it is a racing game, Drag Battle 2 Mod focuses mainly on design. The game is not limited by engines, fuel, and spare parts. It relies on creativity and practical knowledge to create a complete racing car. This means that players can design a racing car with their own style. From the engine, transmission to the exterior, everything is done by you.

Join the race, there will be no bends or turns. Instead, it was a straight road, without danger or any obstacles. Therefore, the game does not have a navigation key to move the vehicle. Your only task is to increase your maximum speed to overcome the opponent, reach the finish line first to win.

Drag Battle 2 Mod

Game mode

Drag Battle 2 Mod provides you with many attractive game modes. If you do not have an Internet connection you can play the game in offline mode. However, very quickly you will get bored with this model. If you want to play exciting games and experience more amazing things, join the online mode. Here, you can compete with many other online competitors around the world. Show off your racing car design skills, by letting your opponents breathe in the dust behind them. Become the champion, climb the leaderboard to receive valuable rewards.

Game Drag Battle 2 Mod

Compete with professional racers and join the club

The race of Drag Battle 2 Mod is extremely attractive. However, you can only participate in 1vs1 races. Your opponents are professional racers, from many parts of the world. They own many different types of racing cars, with strong performance. Therefore, if you lose, take it as a lesson. From there, draw experience to improve your car design skills. Besides, you can join the club. Learn how to tune your car’s engine, chat with everyone in the club via chat. What’s more, you can create your own club. Invite friends and other riders to join. Join them to exchange experience and knowledge about racing car tuning.

Racing car system, using N2O

In Drag Battle 2 Mod there are many unique racing cars. Typical such as Type-R, M4, GT-R 34, FR-688, Supra, … and many other racing cars. They are divided into many different racing models such as popular cars, sports cars, classic cars, and supercars. Each type of vehicle has different performance capabilities. Depending on the amount spent, you will buy a corresponding car. During racing, you can use N2O, which is a form of energy that helps you achieve faster speeds. But it can only accelerate for a short period of time.

Tai Drag Battle 2 Mod

Adjust the engine, change the appearance

As mentioned above, Drag Battle 2 Mod focuses mainly on racing car tuning. So the game gives you a lot of things to upgrade. Includes engine, transmission, exhaust, air intake, shock absorber, and tires. However, you need to use the money to upgrade. For example, upgrading the engine will help the car increase its performance, upgrading the gearbox will increase the time to change gears.

Or upgrade the tires, help the car increase the ability to grip the road and operate stably. After upgrading, you will notice a noticeable change in the next race. Besides, you can change the appearance of the car. By spraying on top layers of glossy paint, help the car stand out in the race. At the same time make an impression on other riders. You can even customize your racing car, by assembling more accessories.

Drag Battle 2 Mod APK

Download Drag Battle 2 Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

Drag Battle 2 Mod doesn’t just have a single track in the city. The game has 4 different racing locations such as suburbs, sports tracks, and some other famous race tracks. Each track is inspired by reality, faithfully reproduced. In addition, the game uses 3D graphics with excellent image quality. The cars are carefully designed, giving players even more exciting when participating.

Combined with immersive sound quality. Expressed through the engine sound, the exhaust is extremely realistic. Along with vibrant background music, played throughout the game. Helping players feel comfortable, bringing entertaining and exciting races.

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