Download Duolingo Mod Apk 5.66.5 (Premium Unlocked)
Download Duolingo Mod Apk 5.66.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Duolingo Mod Apk 5.66.5 (Premium Unlocked)

By lyly - July 28, 2022
Name Duolingo
Version 5.66.5
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Size 46MB
Requires Android
Category Apps, Tools
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Price FREE
Publisher Duolingo
Genre ,
Update July 28, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Which application to learn foreign languages ​​while playing? If you are still wondering about a good foreign language learning app, let’s find out with Lmhmod right application Duolingo Mod Apk away okay.

About the Duolingo Mod Apk

Foreign Languages ​​application is now a key to help you and your loved ones open a new door, new opportunities in life, earn more zeros . But not everyone has the conditions or time to participate in offline foreign language classes. Therefore, learning through the app is a smart choice for many people.

Each English application has its own colors, suitable for the level and ability of different subjects. But to find a good foreign language learning application is not difficult, but to suit the whole family, not all applications can do it. In particular, for families with young children whose parents also want to participate in learning English,  Duolingo Mod Apk is a smart choice. 

Duolingo Mod Apk is a learning and playing application that brings a feeling of no pressure but also extremely interesting. This is the result of many years of research by two programmers Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker at Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Since its launch Duolingo has been very popular with users and so far this is truly one of the most loved applications in the world.

Learning, playing and learning

The interesting thing about Duolingo Mod Apk  is how to deploy lessons, and how to help users access learning information in the lightest and most fun way. Diverse content suitable for each level. Each lesson is a challenge, a game that helps learners practice all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. 

In addition to dividing levels like foreign language centers outside to match learners’ abilities, Duolingo also has very smart categories to help learners memorize vocabulary more easily. For example: Food, Present, Adjectives, Plurals, Family, Questions, Numbers, Colors, Houses, Locations, Shoppings, Works, Animals, Prepositions, Dates and Times, Natures…

Practice all four skills with fun games

Duolingo Mod Apk  trains learners through each game to master skills. Each turn, overcoming the challenge you can get normal points or badges. Time will also be gradually limited to increase the difficulty of the game and show your reflexes for English. 

Duolingo has extremely accurate intonation pronunciations. This is also an app that is rated to have a standard learner voice recognition function. App will help you say what is right, if it is wrong, you have to say it again. 

The games at  Duolingo are diverse, concise, easy to attract and addictive. The desire to learn English not only for you but also for your child will increase unexpectedly. 

Duolingo Mod Apk  also features Flashcards to help learners self-review over and over again to improve their self-study ability. 

In addition to English, Duolingo also has other languages ​​such as: Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, etc. 

1. Duolingo MOD APK application with security for your Android phone?

The answer is yes. The Duolingo MOD APK version only tweaks some features to give you the most efficient experience. It is recommended to download the MOD APK file on to be safe.

2. Is Duolingo a scam?

Duolingo is a safe app, not a scam.

3. Is it safe to use Duolingo?

Using the Duolingo application is extremely safe, all personal information is always guaranteed to be secure. 

Download now Duolingo Mod Apk for Android, iOS 

Download the Duolingo Mod Apk application on LMHMod to your device right away to have super-best English skills to improve the quality of life.

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