Doom Watch Mod APK (Damage)
Doom Watch Mod APK (Damage)

Doom Watch Mod APK (Damage)

By CBCC - March 12, 2022
Name Doom Watch
MOD Features Damage
Size 33MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher iDreamSky
Update March 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Doom Watch Mod is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Open fierce battles between heroes and Zombies. The game belongs to the genre of real-time strategy games. With the participation of many players. They are the lucky ones to survive the Zombie pandemic. The goal is to kill all the zombies in order to survive. In addition, the game also incorporates construction elements. A variety of different constructions for you to build your base. The gameplay takes place according to an attractive storyline. You need to train the army to support the heroes in battle. Through a lot of different activities. The game is built in vivid 3D space. Combine shaping of characters in Western cartoon style. Promises to bring completely new Zombie battles.

Download Doom Watch Mod – The Battle Between Heroes And Zombies In The Post-Apocalypse World

The story of Doom Watch Mod revolves around the Zombie theme. The world is facing the end of the world. Due to an unknown source of virus transmission. The spread of the virus quickly covered all of humanity. Make all living things and humans become bloodthirsty Zombies. Join the game, you will transform into a hero. Being assigned a very important responsibility, deciding the existence of the world. With the task of destroying all the scary Zombie names. Prevent the source of virus spread. Not just alone. You will be accompanied by other heroes. Assemble a team of heroes with unique fighting styles. At the same time, it is necessary to build an army. Join the war to go on a mission to save the world.Game Doom Watch Mod

Construction of buildings in the territory

Building a shelter is one of the tasks that need to be done. In your territory at Doom Watch Mod. There are many different buildings that need to be built. Including barracks, housing, technology research facilities, military training facilities. Each construction plays an important role. In addition to protecting the territory from the invading attacks of bloodthirsty Zombies. They are also used to develop the army and the strength of the heroes. Over time, go through the battles. You can upgrade buildings. As well as strengthen the defense ability of the territory. From there, it is possible to resist fierce attacks from the enemy.Download Doom Watch Mod

Heroes have their own skills

Heroes are the main factor in the battle to save the world. Because they are the ones who will directly participate in the battle with Zombies. At Doom Watch Mod there are many different heroes. Each hero has its own fighting style. At the same time, they use a variety of unique weapons. He uses knives and swords capable of close combat. Heroes use guns, crossbows with the advantage of long-range attacks. Or the doctor hero, in addition to the ability to attack, can also support teammates. Along with that, the heroes also possess special powers. Depending on the hero, when using the skill will deal a large amount of damage to the enemy. Or the hero plays a supporting role. Their special skills will help other heroes recover their health.Doom Watch Mod

Lead the heroes to fight Zombie

Doom Watch Mod battles take place in real-time. Each battle, you can assemble a team of up to 5 heroes. Lead them to participate in the war with Zombies. In the maximum time of 5 minutes, you need to destroy all enemies. Zombies appear at various locations on the battlefield. Use the power of heroes. Defeat each enemy in turn to complete the mission. After moving on to the next war. Not only the number of Zombies to fight more than before. Even heroes have to face bosses. With the ability to surpass ordinary zombies. The boss’s power parameters are huge. Requires heroes to continuously attack, using all of their special power to defeat.Tai Doom Watch Mod

Through Doom Watch Mod’s online mode. You can also ally with other survivors. Find someone you trust to form an alliance. Fight together to accomplish difficult missions. Conquer the challenges in Zombie battles. In addition, the online mode also opens PvP matches. The place where the battle with other players around the world takes place. With gameplay taking place in real-time. You and your opponent will send a trained army into the battlefield. Show the strength of the army to find the winner. After the match ends, the winner will receive valuable rewards.

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